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Who is Daniel Plum? Meet Kelsey Plum’s Athletic Brother

Who is Daniel Plum? Meet Kelsey Plum’s Athletic Brother

Last updated on: July 9, 2024

The most well-known aspect about Daniel Plum is that he is the younger brother of WNBA player Kelsey Plum. He is from a Poway, California, family that loves sports. Jim Plum and Katie Plum are his parents. Jim was a San Diego State University baseball and football player. Katie played collegiate volleyball for UC Davis. Jim is currently employed with the Ramona Unified School District as a Fusion Advisor and counselor.

Kelsey Plum brother Daniel Plum
brother Daniel Plum

Daniel has three siblings: Kelsey, Lauren, and Kaitlyn. Both of his older sisters played volleyball in college. Lauren played at the University of Oregon and was part of the USA Volleyball Junior National Team. Kaitlyn played at UC Davis, just like their mother.

Quick Facts About Daniel Plum Details
Full Name Daniel Plum
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Former College Football Player
Husband/Wife Not married
Education Cathedral Catholic High School, UC Davis
Age 25+ (as of 2024)
Parents Jim Plum, Katie Plum
Siblings Kelsey Plum, Lauren Plum, Kaitlyn Plum
Children None
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)
Height 1.91 m
Position Tight End
College Team UC Davis

Education and Football Career

Daniel went to high school at Cathedral Catholic. It was there that he fell in love with football. Later on, he transferred to UC Davis, where he was a tight end for the football squad. He developed both academically and as a player during his time at UC Davis.

Kelsey Plum with brother Daniel Plum
Kelsey Plum with brother Daniel Plum

Siblings and Their Achievements

Kelsey Plum

Kelsey is the most famous of the Plum siblings. She plays professional basketball in the WNBA. She has achieved many records and awards in her career.

Lauren Plum

Lauren played volleyball at the University of Oregon. She was also part of the USA Volleyball Junior National Team. After her college career, Lauren became a Volleyball Assistant Coach at Vandy Volleyball.

Kelsey Plum sister Lauren Plum
sister Lauren Plum

Kaitlyn Plum

Kaitlyn followed in their mother’s footsteps and played volleyball at UC Davis. After college, she became a Senior Project Engineer at XL Construction and a Mechanical Project Manager at Mark III Construction. Kaitlyn is married to Matthew Lawrence, a college football player, and they live in Sacramento, California.

Kelsey Plum sister Kaitlyn Plum
sister Kaitlyn Plum

Parents and Their Background

Jim Plum and Katie Plum have consistently encouraged their kids’ participation in sports. Jim’s collegiate athletics background offered insightful advice. Her girls were motivated to play volleyball by Katie’s accomplishments in the sport. Sports events and tournaments were common in the Plum household, which strengthened the bonds between family members.

Kelsey Plum with parents Katie and Jim
parents Katie and Jim

Daniel’s Personal Life

Daniel enjoys spending time with his family. Despite their busy lives, the Plums often gather for family events and holidays. Daniel looks up to his siblings, especially Kelsey, for their achievements and hard work.

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FAQs About Daniel Plum

Where did Daniel Plum go to school?

Before attending UC Davis to play football as a tight end, Daniel attended Cathedral Catholic High School.

What sports did Daniel Plum play?

Daniel Plum played football. He played as a tight end at UC Davis.

Who are Daniel Plum’s siblings?

Daniel has three siblings: Kelsey Plum, Lauren Plum, and Kaitlyn Plum. Kelsey is a WNBA star, Lauren played volleyball at the University of Oregon, and Kaitlyn played volleyball at UC Davis.


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