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Discover Katie Plum : Insights into Kelsey Plum’s Supportive Mother

Discover Katie Plum : Insights into Kelsey Plum’s Supportive Mother

Last updated on: July 9, 2024

Katie Plum, known as the mother of Kelsey Plum, the talented WNBA star, played volleyball when she was in college at UC Davis. She was part of the team that did really well, finishing third in the years 1979-80. Her husband, Jim Plum, also loved sports. He played football and baseball when he went to San Diego State University. Now, he helps students as a counselor and Fusion Advisor at Ramona Unified School District.

Kelsey Plum mother Katie Plum
mother Katie Plum
Quick Facts about Katie Plum Details
Full Name Katie Plum
Birthdate 1965
Occupation Homemaker
Husband Jim Plum, counselor & Fusion Advisor
Education Played volleyball at UC Davis
Age 59 years and 7 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Son: Daniel Plum
Daughter: Kelsey Plum, Lauren Plum, Kaitlyn Plum
Net Worth <$1 million
Residence Poway, California

Katie Plum’s Family

Katie Plum grew up in a family where sports were important. She and Jim Plum raised their children in Poway, California, a place known for its sports culture. They have four children together: Kelsey, Lauren, Kaitlyn, and Daniel.

Kelsey Plum with her mother Katie Plum
Kelsey with her mother Katie
  • Kelsey Plum: Their oldest child, Kelsey, was born in Poway, California. She became a famous basketball player, known for her skills in the WNBA.
  • Lauren Plum: Kelsey’s older sister Lauren also loves sports. She played volleyball at the University of Oregon and now coaches volleyball at Vandy Volleyball.
Kelsey Plum sister Lauren Plum
sister Lauren Plum
  • Kaitlyn Plum: Another sister, Kaitlyn, followed in her mother’s footsteps by playing volleyball at UC Davis. Now, she works as a Senior Project Engineer at XL Construction and a Mechanical Project Manager at Mark III Construction. She married Matthew Lawrence, who used to play college football.
Kelsey Plum sister Kaitlyn Plum
sister Kaitlyn Plum
  • Daniel Plum: Their youngest child, Daniel, played football at Cathedral Catholic High School and later at UC Davis.
Kelsey Plum brother Daniel Plum
brother Daniel Plum

Katie’s Role and Influence

Katie Plum’s background in volleyball and Jim’s experience in football and baseball shaped their children’s love for sports. They supported Kelsey and her siblings in their athletic pursuits, fostering a competitive and supportive environment at home.

Kelsey Plum with parents Katie and Jim
parents Katie and Jim

Personal Life

Katie Plum likes to hang out with her family in Poway when she’s not playing sports. She encourages her kids to follow their aspirations and places a high importance on education.

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FAQs About Katie Plum

Who is Katie Plum?

Katie Plum is the mother of Kelsey Plum, a prominent WNBA basketball player known for her skills on the court.

What sports background does Katie Plum have?

Katie Plum played volleyball during her college years at UC Davis. She was part of a successful team that finished third in 1979-80.

What about Katie Plum’s husband, Jim Plum?

Jim Plum played college football and baseball at San Diego State University.

Where is Katie Plum from?

Katie Plum is originally from Poway, California, where she and her husband raised their children.

How many children does Katie Plum have?

Katie Plum has four children: Kelsey Plum, Lauren Plum, Kaitlyn Plum, and Daniel Plum.


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