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David Goggins Net worth, Age, Height, Family & More [2024]

David Goggins Net worth, Age, Height, Family & More [2024]

Last updated on: May 27, 2024

David Goggins is not just any guy – he’s an ultra-marathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, public speaker, and author. Plus, he’s a retired Navy SEAL and served in the Iraq War. Imagine that kind of grit and toughness!

But here’s the kicker: Goggins doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk. He’s set records that sound almost impossible, like doing over 4,000 pull-ups in just 17 hours. Who even does that?!

Also, he’s dedicated to charity work and is a true patriot. His story is all about pushing limits, both physically and mentally. He’s the kind of guy who makes you want to dig deep and find your own strength.

As of July 2024, David Goggins is 49 years and 5 months old, his estimated net worth is $5.5 million, and he stands at a height of 6 feet (183 cm or 1.83 m) tall.

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David Goggins Biography

David Goggins was born to parents Trunnis and Jackie Goggins on February 17, 1975. In 1981, Goggins and his parents and brother Trunnis Jr. resided in Williamsville, New York. Goggins had to help out at their father’s skating rink when he was just six years old, with his mother and older brother. Goggins and his siblings endured years of abuse at the hands of his drunken father until they and Goggins’ mother were able to flee to Brazil, Indiana. He details this ordeal in his book Can’t Hurt Me. After getting kicked out of the Air Force, Goggins became a fumigator for a pest control company before joining the Navy.

Goggins applied to the U.S. Air Force Pararescue, and after failing the ASVAB twice, he was admitted into training. He was taken out of training after he was found to have sickle cell trait. Upon his return, he was given the opportunity to resume training, but he declined. After joining the Air Force, he went through Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) training and served in that capacity from 1994 to 1999.

Goggins finally completed BUD/S training in 2001, after three failed tries due to various injuries. After he successfully completed SEAL Qualification Training (SQT) and his six-month probationary period, he was promoted to the rank of Combatant Swimmer (SEAL) and awarded the NEC 5326. So, Goggins joined SEAL Team 5. Goggins spent 20 years in the service and was stationed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. While attending Army Ranger School, Goggins earned the title of “Enlisted Honor Man” in 2004.

Goggins started long-distance running to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation after three of his friends were killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan during Operation Red Wings in 2005. Children of Special Operations personnel who have been killed in action are eligible for financial aid from the Foundation. Goggins has raised almost $2 million for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation by competing in various endurance events, such as the Badwater Ultramarathon, which he has done three times.

Goggins wanted to raise money by participating in the Badwater Ultramarathon, but he was told he needed to participate in another ultramarathon before he could participate in the Badwater. Goggins participated in the 2005 San Diego One Day, a 24-hour ultramarathon that began and ended at Hospitality Point. In 19 hours and 6 minutes, he ran 101 miles. The time he ran the Las Vegas Marathon qualified him for the Boston Marathon. Goggins participated in the 2006 Hawaii Hurt-100. (Citation required) As a result of his invitation, Goggins participated in the Badwater-135 in 2006 and ended up placing fifth overall.

In 2006, he ran his first Badwater Ultramarathon and, three months later, competed in the Ultraman World Championships Triathlon in Hawaii. In the 320-mile, three-day race, he finished second. Furthermore, he took part in the ultra-distance invitational cycling race Furnace Creek-508 (2009).

Goggins’s best Badwater-135 result was in 2007 when he came in third place overall.

Again in 2008,  he attempted to run the Badwater-135, but he did not reach the finish line. After skipping the Badwater-135, he returned to it in 2013 and finished 18th. (Citation required) A second time in 2014, he attempted but failed to complete the Badwater-135. Did he run 14 more ultramarathons over the next two years? With nine more top-five results. At the 48-hour national championships, he ran 203.5 miles, which was 20 miles farther than the previous record.

He was honored as a “Hero of Running” by Runner’s World in 2008.

Goggins finished the 2016 Infinitus 88k race in 12 hours, about 20 minutes ahead of the second-place finisher. The Music City Ultra 50k and the Strolling Jim 40 Miler were both won by him in the same year. Goggins completed the Moab 240 ultramarathon in 2020, finishing 95 minutes behind the winner, Michele Graglia, with a time of 63 hours and 21 minutes.

Businessman Jesse Itzler was so impressed by Goggins’ performance at a 24-hour ultramarathon that he hired him on the spot to stay in his home for a month. Itzler documented his time with the SEALs in a blog post and then turned that into the book Living With A SEAL.

On December 4, 2018, he published his autobiography, Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds. In the book, he discusses his “40% rule,” or the idea that most people only use 40% of their potential.

Bio / Wiki

Full Name

David Goggins




Ultramarathon Runner, ultra-distance Cyclist, Triathlete, Public Speaker, Author



Military Career

SEAL Team 5 (2001)

Best Known for

He once held the Guinness World Record for pull-ups completing 4030 in 17 hours, and he’s a sought-after public speaker


Full List

Personal Profile and Background Details

Date of Birth

February 17, 1975


As of today, David is 49 years, 5 months, and 1 days old.

Zodiac sign



David Goggins Signature



Birth Place

Buffalo, Erie County, New York, United States of America


United States of America

School / College / University

Ranger School


He did not reveal what religion he follows but he believes in god.

David Goggins really trusts in God and thinks his faith has helped him a lot in life. In a video, he talks about how he’s scared of letting God down by not reaching his full potential. He says, “My biggest fear is if there’s a final judgment after we die, I don’t want to look back and wish I had done more on Earth.”

He also talks about this “voice in his head” that he’s had since he was little, which he believes is God guiding him. Goggins thinks this voice gave his life purpose and helped him see the good in tough times. He says, “If you don’t believe you’re here for a reason, life can be really tough.”

Race / Ethnicity

David Goggins is of African-American ethnicity.

Food Habits

David Goggins is all about staying healthy and strong through a disciplined routine. He follows a special diet that’s all about balance. It’s called a ketogenic diet, which means he eats a good amount of protein, healthy fats, and a little bit of carbs. His meals are filled with stuff like chicken, lean steak, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Plus, he does intermittent fasting, where he waits until after his morning workout to eat his first meal. He also takes some extra supplements to help his body recover and stay strong.

Now, let’s talk about his workouts. David does a ton of different exercises every day. He runs, bikes, does core workouts, cardio, lifts weights, and does bodyweight exercises.


Reading History Books, Hunting, Fishing, Drawing, and Cycling.


David Goggins Tattoo on back

Physical Attributes and Measurements


  • In feet: 6′ 0″
  • In Centimeters: 183 cm
  • In meters: 1.83 m


  • In kilograms: 86 kg
  • In Pounds: 189.5 lbs

Body Measurements

  • Chest Size: 44 inches
  • Biceps Size: 16 inches
  • Waist Size: 32 inches

Shoe size

10 (US)

Eye color

Dark Brown

Hair Color



David Goggins was born to Trunnis and Jackie Goggins in Buffalo, New York, on February 17, 1975. He grew up with his parents and brother, Trunnis Jr., in Williamsville, New York. Goggins faced a challenging childhood marked by abuse from his father, leading his mother to eventually leave his father and move with her children to live with Goggins’s grandparents in Brazil, Indiana.

Goggins has a daughter from a former girlfriend named Pam, but further details about his daughter or his relationship status remain undisclosed. He was previously married to Aleeza Goggins, a Japanese nurse, from 2005 to 2007 and to Kate Goggins from 2010 to 2012. Currently, David Goggins is engaged to Jennifer Kish, whom he began dating in early 2020.


Aleeza Goggins (2005–2007)

Kate Goggins (2010–2012)


Trunnis Goggins

David Goggins with his father Trunnis Goggins

David Goggins father Tunnis Goggins


Jackie Goggins

David Goggins with his mother Jackie Goggins

David Goggins with mother Jackie Goggins


Trunnis Goggins Jr. (Older Brother) (Author)

David Goggins brother Trunnis Goggins Jr


He has a daughter but her name is not known. He confirmed here in this video. She is 22 years old now.

David Goggins with daughter

Relationship & More

Marital Status

In a relationship with Jennifer Kish

Marriage Date


Girlfriend and Dating History

Aleeza Goggins (2010–2012)

David Goggins with Aleeza Goggins

Jennifer Kish (2017–Present)

David Goggins with Jennifer Kish 0David Goggins girlfriend Jennifer Kish

David Goggins and Jennifer Kish began dating in early 2020 and got engaged in the same year. Jennifer works as the executive director at Goggins LLC. Their relationship has been highlighted on social media, with Jennifer sharing details about their everyday lives on her Instagram page, which David reposted. Now they are very positive for each other and going strong.

Net worth 2024

$5.5 million

As of July 2024, it’s estimated that David Goggins has a net worth of about $5.5 million. Goggins earns his income primarily through multiple avenues. Let’s break it down:

Book Sales: Goggins generates a significant portion of his income from book sales. He has authored books like “Can’t Hurt Me,” which have been well-received by the public.

Speaking Engagements: Another major source of income for Goggins is through speaking engagements. He is a highly sought-after motivational speaker.

Merchandise Sales: Goggins also earns money through merchandise sales. This likely includes products such as branded clothing, accessories, and other items related to his brand and message.

Military Career: Goggins likely earned a salary during his time serving in the military, for his roles as a Navy SEAL and USAF Tactical Air Control Party member.

Endurance Sports: Goggins’ involvement in endurance sports, such as ultra-marathons and triathlons, may also bring in income through sponsorships, endorsements, and event participation fees.

Public Appearances: Apart from speaking engagements, Goggins may earn money from public appearances, interviews, and media engagements.

Overall, David Goggins’ income streams are diverse, including book sales, speaking engagements, merchandise sales, his military career, endorsements from endurance sports, and other public appearances. We currently don’t know how much he made from these, he is making on a big scale.


David Goggins with his pet dogDavid Goggins with his pet dog -

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