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Trunnis Goggins – David Goggins’s Father | Know About Him

Trunnis Goggins – David Goggins’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 11, 2024

Meet Trunnis Goggins, the father of the remarkable David Goggins. Learn about his role in David’s life and the impact he had on shaping David into the person he is today.

David Goggins father Tunnis Goggins
father Tunnis Goggins
Quick Facts About Trunnis Goggins Details
Full Name Trunnis Goggins
Birthdate 1934
Occupation Former owner of Skateland skating rink in Buffalo, New York
Husband/Wife Jackie Goggins (Wife)
Died November 5th, 2013
Age Passed away at 79
Parents Not Known
Children Son: David Goggins
Son: Trunnis Goggins Jr.
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life

Trunnis Goggins was a significant figure in David Goggins’s life. He and his wife, Jackie Goggins, welcomed David into the world on February 17, 1975, in Buffalo, New York.

David Goggins with his father Trunnis Goggins
David Goggins with his father Trunnis Goggins

Challenging Childhood

David faced tough times growing up. His father’s abusive behavior made life hard. Eventually, David’s mom made the brave choice to leave Trunnis and move with her children to Indiana.

Turning Point

Moving away from the abuse marked a big change for David. Living with his grandparents provided him with a safer and more stable environment.

Father-Son Relationship

David’s relationship with his father was complex. He openly talked about the difficulties he faced. Despite the challenges, David learned valuable lessons from his upbringing.

David Goggins with mother Jackie Goggins
David Goggins with mother Jackie Goggins

Personal Life

Trunnis was a private person. Not much is known about his life outside of his relationship with David. He chose to keep personal details hidden from the public eye.

Family Dynamics

David’s family includes his brother, Trunnis Goggins Jr., who is also an author. He shares a close bond with his brother, who has likely been a source of support throughout his life.

David Goggins brother Trunnis Goggins Jr
Son Trunnis Goggins Jr

Marriages and Relationships

David has been married twice. His first marriage was to Aleeza Goggins from 2005 to 2007, followed by his marriage to Kate Goggins from 2010 to 2012. Currently, he is engaged to Jennifer Kish.


David is a father himself. He has a daughter from a previous relationship. Though her name remains undisclosed, David confirmed her existence in a video. She is now 22 years old.


David, Trunnis Goggins’s son, is carrying on his father’s heritage. Despite his difficulties, David has inspired a lot of people. His tenacity and resolve bear witness to the strength his upbringing bestowed upon him.

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FAQs About Trunnis Goggins

Who is Trunnis Goggins?

Trunnis Goggins is the father of David Goggins, a renowned American ultramarathon runner, public speaker, and former United States Navy SEAL.

When and where was Trunnis Goggins born?

Details about Trunnis Goggins’s birthdate and birthplace are not publicly available. He maintained a level of privacy throughout his life.

What was Trunnis Goggins’s occupation?

Trunnis Goggins was the former owner of Skateland skating rink in Buffalo, New York. Apart from this, not much is known about his professional life.

Did Trunnis Goggins have any other children?

Trunnis Goggins had at least two children, David Goggins and Trunnis Goggins Jr., who is also an author. David’s brother, Trunnis Jr., likely shared a close bond with him throughout their lives.

When did Trunnis Goggins pass away?

Trunnis Goggins passed away at the age of 79 on November 5th, 2013. His death marked a significant loss for David and his family.


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