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Harley Moon Kemp – Roman Kemp’s Sister | Know About Her

Harley Moon Kemp – Roman Kemp’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 4, 2024

Harley Moon Kemp is more than just Roman Kemp’s sister. Let’s dive into what makes her special and unique.
Harley Moon Kemp, born in 1989, is the big sister of the famous British radio and TV presenter Roman Kemp. She’s not just an ordinary sibling – she’s got a world of creativity inside her.
Roman Kemp's Sister Harley Moon Kemp
Roman Kemp’s Sister Harley Moon Kemp
Quick Facts About Harley Moon Kemp Details
Full Name Harley Moon Kemp
Date of Birth 19 August 1989
Occupation Photographer, Songwriter, Filmmaker
Husband/Wife Not married (as of 2023)
Education Attended Berkhamsted School during childhood
Age 34 years and 6 months old
Parents Father: Martin Kemp
Mother: Shirlie Holliman
Siblings Brother: Roman Kemp (Radio and TV Presenter)
Children None (as of 2023)
Net Worth $2 million (as of 2023)

A Creative Spirit

Harley Moon is a talented photographer, songwriter, and filmmaker. Her artistic talents shine through her work. She captures moments through her camera lens, weaves stories with her lyrics, and brings her visions to life on film.

A Famous Family Connection

Being part of the Kemp family means music runs in her blood. Her father, Martin Kemp, is a member of the legendary new wave band Spandau Ballet. Her mother, Shirlie Holliman, was a backing vocalist for Wham! and part of the pop duo Pepsi & Shirlie.
Harley Moon Kemp with her parents
Harley Moon Kemp with her parents

Growing Up with Roman

Growing up with Roman Kemp must have been quite an adventure. The two siblings share a strong bond. We can only imagine the fun and mischief they got into as kids.

Berkhamsted School Days

Both Roman and Harley went to Berkhamsted School. This school played a significant role in their formative years. It’s where they took their first steps toward the people they’d become.

Harley’s Journey

Harley Moon Kemp has her own unique path. She’s not just Roman Kemp’s sister; she’s a creative force in her own right. Her work in photography, songwriting, and filmmaking speaks volumes.
Roman Kemp with his parents
Roman Kemp with his parents

Photography Passion

Harley’s camera is her best friend. Through her lens, she captures the beauty of the world. From landscapes to portraits, she creates visual stories that move hearts.

Lyricist Extraordinaire

Harley Moon is not just about pictures. She’s a wordsmith too. Her songwriting skills allow her to express her thoughts, emotions, and experiences through music.

Filmmaker’s Vision

Filmmaking is another string to her bow. With a director’s eye, she transforms her ideas into moving images that tell compelling stories.
Roman Kemp's family
Roman Kemp’s family

A Rising Star

While her brother Roman might take the spotlight in the media, Harley is steadily making a name for herself in the creative world. She’s proof that talent runs deep in the Kemp family.

The Kemp Family’s Creative Legacy

The Kemp family’s influence on the music and entertainment industry is profound. Their collective talent has left an indelible mark. From Spandau Ballet’s hits to Wham!’s catchy tunes, their contributions are part of music history.
Roman Kemp with sister Harley Moon Kemp
Roman Kemp with sister Harley Moon Kemp

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FAQs About Harley Moon Kemp

Who is Harley Moon Kemp?
Harley Moon Kemp is a British artist known for her work in photography, songwriting, and filmmaking. She is also recognized as the older sister of the popular radio and TV presenter, Roman Kemp.
What is Harley Moon Kemp’s full name?
Her full name is Harley Moon Kemp.
When was Harley Moon Kemp born?
Harley Moon Kemp was born in 1989.
Who are Harley Moon Kemp’s parents?
Harley Moon Kemp’s father is Martin Kemp, a member of the new wave band Spandau Ballet, and her mother is Shirlie Holliman, a former backing vocalist for Wham! and part of the pop duo Pepsi & Shirlie.
Who is Harley Moon Kemp’s famous godfather?
The late George Michael, a legendary singer, was Harley Moon Kemp’s godfather.
What are Harley Moon Kemp’s creative pursuits?
Harley Moon Kemp is involved in various creative endeavors. She is a photographer, songwriter, and filmmaker, expressing her artistry through these mediums.

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