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Martin Kemp – Roman Kemp’s Father | Know About Him

Martin Kemp – Roman Kemp’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: February 11, 2024

Martin Kemp, the father of popular television and radio presenter Roman Kemp, is an intriguing figure with a rich background in the entertainment industry. Let’s delve into the world of Martin Kemp and discover what makes him a noteworthy personality.
Roman Kemp's Father Martin Kemp
Roman Kemp’s Father Martin Kemp
Quick Facts about Martin Kemp
Full Name Martin Kemp
Birth Date October 10, 1961
Occupation Musician and Actor
Husband/Wife Shirlie Holliman
Education Not Known
Age 62 years and 4 months old
Parents Frank Kemp (Father), Eileen Kemp (Mother)
Siblings Gary Kemp (Brother)
Children Roman Kemp (Son), Harley Moon Kemp (Daughter)
Net Worth Estimated at $4 million (as of my knowledge cutoff in 2023)
Martin Kemp was born in London, England. He embarked on his journey to stardom as a musician and actor. He found fame as a member of the iconic band Spandau Ballet. Their music filled the airwaves, and hits like “True” and “Gold” are still cherished today.
Shirlie Holliman with husband Martin Kemp
Shirlie Holliman with husband Martin Kemp

Musical Success

Spandau Ballet’s music struck a chord with audiences worldwide. Their blend of new wave, pop, and soul made them a sensation in the 1980s. The band’s albums soared to the top of the charts, and they gathered a massive fan base. Martin Kemp’s role as the bassist added to the band’s distinctive sound, contributing to their enduring success.

Acting Career

While his music career was soaring, Martin Kemp decided to try his hand at acting. He explored this new avenue and quickly established himself as a talented actor. Many will remember his roles in popular TV shows and films. His acting credits include appearances in “The Krays,” “EastEnders,” and “The Bodyguard.”

Fatherhood and Mentorship

Beyond his fame, Martin Kemp is a loving father to Roman Kemp and his sister, Harley Moon Kemp. Roman Kemp has often spoken warmly about his father’s influence in his life. Roman’s mentorship and advice from Martin Kemp were very important to his success and helped him become a well-known radio and TV host.
Martin Kemp with daughter Harley Moon Kemp
Martin Kemp with daughter Harley Moon Kemp

Roman Kemp’s Revelation

In August 2023, Roman Kemp made a candid revelation about his father, shedding light on their relationship. He mentioned that Martin Kemp “does not have one friend” in a heartfelt confession. This shows that their bond goes beyond the glitz and glamour of showbiz, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in their family.

A Dynamic Duo on Screen

The father-son duo has shared the screen on multiple occasions. From April 2021, they co-hosted a show called “Martin & Roman’s Weekend Best!” – a delightful TV program that offered entertainment and insights into their relationship. Their work together led to a spin-off show called “Martin & Roman’s Sunday Best,” which showed how close they were as a family.
Roman Kemp's family
Roman Kemp’s family

Emotional Moments

In a touching moment, Roman Kemp broke down in tears while talking to his father during a documentary. This heartwarming scene highlighted the genuine emotions that exist between them. It’s a testament to the bond they share, both in front of the camera and in their private lives.

George Michael’s Influence

Adding to the family’s past of famous people, it’s interesting to know that the late George Michael, the legendary Wham! member, served as the godfather to Roman and his sister, Harley Moon Kemp. This connection to a music icon enriches their family’s story.
Roman Kemp with his father Martin Kemp
Roman with his father Martin

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FAQs About Martin Kemp

Who is Martin Kemp?
Martin Kemp is a British actor and musician. He gained fame as a member of the iconic band Spandau Ballet and is also known for his acting roles in various TV shows and films.
What are some of Martin Kemp’s famous roles as an actor?
Martin Kemp is well-known for his roles in “The Krays,” “EastEnders,” and “The Bodyguard,” among others.
Is Martin Kemp related to Roman Kemp?
Yes, Martin Kemp is the father of Roman Kemp, a popular British television and radio presenter. They share a close father-son relationship.

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