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Holly Cooper – Bradley Cooper’s Sister | Know About Her

Holly Cooper – Bradley Cooper’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 21, 2024

Have you ever wondered about the people behind famous stars? Bradley Cooper, the talented actor and filmmaker, has a sister named Holly Cooper. Let’s dive into the world of Holly Cooper and get to know more about her!

Holly Cooper with brother Bradley Cooper
Holly Cooper with brother Bradley Cooper
Quick Facts About Holly Cooper
Full Name Holly Cooper
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Writer, Producer
Husband/Wife N/A
Education N/A
Age N/A
Parents Charles John Cooper (Father), Gloria Campano (Mother)
Siblings Bradley Cooper (Younger Brother)
Grandparents Assunta CampanoAngelo Campano
Relationship to Bradley Cooper Elder Sister
Family Background Irish and Italian heritage
Notable Works TV shows, films, “The House That Love Built” book
Supportive Role Accompanied Bradley to major events, including Oscars
Sibling Bond Close relationship, stood by Bradley during challenges
Family Involvement Supported Bradley’s journey to fatherhood
Career Focus Contributed to various entertainment projects
Personal Life Limited public information
Cultural Heritage Irish and Italian background

Holly’s Family Background

Holly Cooper comes from a loving family. She and Bradley were born to parents Charles John Cooper and Gloria Campano. Their dad, Charles, worked with stocks, and their mom, Gloria, worked for a TV station. Their family is a mix of Irish and Italian heritage, which adds a special touch to their story.

Growing Up Together

Bradley and Holly grew up side by side. They supported each other as they faced life’s adventures. Holly, being the elder sister, played a big role in Bradley’s life. They stuck together through thick and thin, building a strong sibling bond.

Holly’s Path in the Entertainment World

Holly Cooper didn’t just stay in the background while her brother soared in Hollywood. She’s made her own mark in the entertainment industry. Holly is a writer and producer, working on TV shows and films. You might have even seen her name in the credits of shows like “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Hangover.”

A Published Author

Holly’s talents don’t stop there. She’s also an author! In 2015, she released a book called “The House That Love Built.” This shows her creative side and adds another layer to her achievements.

The Supportive Sister

Bradley Cooper’s success wasn’t achieved alone. Holly stood by his side throughout his journey. She accompanied him to major events, including the glamorous Oscars. Their strong connection is heartwarming and shows the power of family support.

Facing Challenges Together

Life isn’t always smooth sailing, and both Bradley and Holly faced challenges. Bradley dealt with health issues when he was younger, but Holly was there to offer comfort and strength. They’ve been through ups and downs, making their bond even tighter.

Bradley’s Daughter and Holly’s Role

Bradley Cooper became a father to a lovely girl named Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper. Lea was born on March 21, 2017. Even in this new chapter of Bradley’s life, Holly’s presence remains important. Family ties are unbreakable, and Holly continues to support her brother in his role as a father.

A Glance at the Past

Before becoming a father, Bradley Cooper was married to Jennifer Esposito from 2006 to 2007. Although their marriage was short, it’s a part of Bradley’s history that shapes his journey.

Remembering Their Parents

Bradley and Holly’s parents, Charles and Gloria, played vital roles in shaping their lives. Charles worked as a stockbroker, and Gloria’s work in TV added a unique touch to their family story. Even though Charles has passed away, Gloria continues to be a guiding light for her children.

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FAQs About Holly Cooper

Who is Holly Cooper?

Holly Cooper is the older sister of actor and filmmaker Bradley Cooper. She is a writer, producer, and a significant presence in Bradley’s life.

What is Holly Cooper’s family background?

Holly and Bradley Cooper were born to parents Charles John Cooper and Gloria Campano. Their father was a stockbroker of Irish descent, and their mother worked for a local TV station and has Italian heritage.

What is Holly Cooper’s profession?

Holly Cooper is a writer and producer. She has worked on various television shows and films, including “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “The Hangover.”

Is Holly Cooper a published author?

Yes, Holly Cooper is a published author. She released a book titled “The House That Love Built” in 2015.

How has Holly Cooper supported Bradley Cooper’s career?

Holly Cooper has been a supportive sister to Bradley throughout his career. She has accompanied him to Hollywood events, including the Oscars, and has stood by his side during his achievements.

What role did Holly Cooper play in Bradley’s journey to becoming a father?

Bradley Cooper has a daughter named Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper with his former partner Irina Shayk. Holly continues to be an important presence as Bradley embraces fatherhood.

How did Holly Cooper contribute to “The House That Love Built”?

Holly Cooper authored the book “The House That Love Built,” showcasing her creative talents as a writer and adding to her list of achievements.

Final Thoughts

In the world of glitz and glamour, family remains a constant anchor. Holly Cooper, Bradley Cooper’s sister, is a testament to the importance of family bonds. As a writer, producer, and supportive sister, Holly’s presence in Bradley’s life has been both a comfort and an inspiration. Their journey, filled with love, challenges, and achievements, is a reminder that behind every star, there are people who play a significant role in their story.


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