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Iggy Fielding-Bird – Noel Fielding’s Son | Know About Him

Iggy Fielding-Bird – Noel Fielding’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

The charming host of The Great British Bake Off, Noel Fielding, has a lovely family with his wife, Lliana Bird, and their two kids, Dali and Iggy. This piece will be about Iggy Fielding-Bird. It will talk about Noel’s family life and the cute ways they interact with each other.

Quick Facts About Iggy Fielding-Bird
Full Name Iggy Fielding-Bird
Birthdate 2020
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife N/A (Child)
Age 4 years and 5 months old
Parents Father: Noel Fielding
Mother: Lliana Bird
Siblings Older sister: Dali Fielding-Bird (born in 2018)
Children N/A (Child)
Net Worth N/A (Child)

Meet the Fieldings: A Snapshot of Family Harmony

Noel and Lliana’s Love Story

Noel Fielding has been happily married to his partner, DJ Lliana Bird, since 2010. Together, they form a dynamic duo, navigating the world of showbiz and parenting with grace.

Noel Fielding with his wife Lliana Bird
Noel with his wife Lliana Bird

Ray and Yvonne: The Grandparents

In the backdrop of this family tale are Noel’s parents, Ray Fielding and Yvonne Fagan. The Fielding family tree extends its branches with warmth and love, creating a supportive foundation for Noel, Lliana, and their children.

Siblings in the Mix

Noel’s brother, Michael Fielding, adds another layer to this family narrative. Siblings bring unique dynamics, and the Fielding brothers likely share fond memories and humorous anecdotes from their childhood.

The Little Ones: Dali and Iggy’s Story

Dali Fielding-Bird (2018): The Big Sister

Dali, the elder of the Fielding siblings, made her debut in 2018. As the firstborn, she adds an element of joy and responsibility to the family dynamics.

Iggy Fielding-Bird (2020): A New Addition

In 2020, the Fieldings welcomed their second child, Iggy. In different reports, Iggy is called Noel and Lliana’s daughter, which is different from what was first said. To get the right knowledge, it’s important to use sources that are correct and up to date.

Iggy Fielding-Bird: Clarifying the Confusion

A Note on Conflicting Information

Some rumors say that Iggy is a son, but it’s important to stress that the majority of information points to Iggy being Noel Fielding and Lliana Bird‘s daughter. Being parents is a beautiful, complex journey, and the Fieldings continue to love every step of it.

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FAQs About Iggy Fielding-Bird

Who is Iggy Fielding-Bird?

Iggy Fielding-Bird is one of the two children of Noel Fielding, the host of The Great British Bake Off, and his wife, Lliana Bird.

When was Iggy Fielding-Bird Born?

Iggy Fielding-Bird was born in the year 2020, as reported in various sources.

How Many Siblings Does Iggy Fielding-Bird Have?

Iggy Fielding-Bird has one older sibling, Dali Fielding-Bird, who was born in 2018.

What Is the Full Name of Iggy Fielding-Bird’s Parents?

Iggy Fielding-Bird’s parents are Noel Fielding and Lliana Bird. Noel Fielding is a well-known television personality, and Lliana Bird is a DJ and radio presenter.

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