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Jasmine Hawkins – Jordan Hawkins’ Mother | Know About Her

Jasmine Hawkins – Jordan Hawkins’ Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: April 6, 2024

Meet Jasmine Hawkins, the dedicated and loving mother of basketball sensation Jordan Hawkins. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the woman behind the scenes, supporting her son’s journey to success.
Jasmine Hawkins
Jasmine Hawkins
Quick Facts About Jasmine Hawkins
Full Name Jasmine Hawkins
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Craig Hawkins
Education N/A
Age 50+
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Jordan, Alexis, Chynna, Paris
Net Worth <$1 million
Jasmine’s story begins in Gaithersburg, Maryland, where she and her husband, Craig, welcomed their son Jordan on April 29, 2002. The Hawkins family is a close-knit one, with deep connections and a strong bond. Jordan, the apple of their eye, was destined for greatness in the world of basketball.
Jordan Hawkins with father Craig Hawkins
Jordan Hawkins with father Craig Hawkins

A Proud Mother and Loving Wife

Jasmine’s role in her family is multifaceted. She’s a loving wife to Craig, her partner in raising their remarkable children. Together, they’ve created an environment where their kids can thrive and reach their full potential.
But it’s as a mother that Jasmine truly shines. She’s Jordan’s number one fan, cheering from the sidelines, and supporting him through every dribble and slam dunk. Her love and pride in her son’s accomplishments are evident to everyone who watches Jordan play.

Siblings – The Sisters of Jordan

Jasmine and Craig’s family is not just about Jordan; it’s a team effort. Jordan is not an only child but has three sisters, Alexis, Chynna, and Paris. These siblings share a unique bond, and their relationships have played a significant role in Jordan’s life.
Paris Hawkins
Paris Hawkins
Alexis, the elder sister, has been there to guide and support her younger brother. Chynna, another elder sister, and Paris, the youngest of the siblings, have also been essential figures in Jordan’s life. The Hawkins family dynamic is built on love, trust, and support, allowing Jordan to flourish both on and off the court.
Alexis Hawkins
Alexis Hawkins

A Special Connection with Cousin Angel Reese

One remarkable aspect of Jordan’s life is his special connection with his cousin, Angel Reese. Angel is a talented basketball player associated with LSU, and her journey closely parallels Jordan’s. Both cousins have achieved national titles in their respective basketball careers. The pride and joy that this success has brought to the Hawkins family is immeasurable.
Angel Reese’s presence in Jordan’s life has added a unique dimension to his basketball journey. They’ve pushed each other to excel and have been a source of inspiration and motivation. The bond between Jordan and Angel is a testament to the power of family support in achieving great things.

A Rising Star in Basketball

Jordan Hawkins has been making waves in the world of basketball, and Jasmine has been there every step of the way. Jordan’s rise to stardom and his selection as the No. 14 overall pick in the 2023 NBA draft are a testament to his talent and hard work. Jasmine’s unwavering support has been a cornerstone of Jordan’s success.
Jordan Hawkins with mother Jasmine Hawkins
Jordan Hawkins with mother Jasmine Hawkins

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FAQs About Jasmine Hawkins

Who is Jasmine Hawkins?
Jasmine Hawkins is the mother of Jordan Hawkins, a talented basketball player.
Where is Jasmine Hawkins from?
Jasmine Hawkins is from Gaithersburg, Maryland, where her son Jordan was born.
Tell me more about Jasmine’s family.
Jasmine Hawkins is part of a close-knit family. She is married to Craig Hawkins and has four children, including Jordan. Jordan has three sisters named Alexis, Chynna, and Paris.
How has Jasmine supported Jordan’s basketball career?
Jasmine Hawkins has been a dedicated and supportive mother throughout Jordan’s basketball journey. She has cheered him on from the sidelines and played a crucial role in his success.

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