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Uncovering Chris Bumstead’s Dad: The Life and Legacy of Jeff Bumstead

Uncovering Chris Bumstead’s Dad: The Life and Legacy of Jeff Bumstead

Last updated on: June 13, 2024

Jeff Bumstead is the dad of famous bodybuilder Chris Bumstead. He lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, where he works as a Chief Information Officer. Jeff is a key figure in Chris’s life, providing support and encouragement as his son pursues his passion for bodybuilding.

Chris Bumstead's Father Jeff Bumstead
Father Jeff Bumstead
Quick Facts about Jeff Bumstead Details
Full Name Jeff Bumstead
Birthdate 1965
Occupation Chief Information Officer
Location Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Husband/Wife Married to Mary Bumstead
Education N/A
Age 59 years and 6 months old
Parents Not Known
Children Daughter: Melissa Bumstead
Son: Chris Bumstead
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Life

Jeff is married to Mary Bumstead, who works in Human Resources. Together, they raised Chris and his sister, Melissa Bumstead. Melissa is also into bodybuilding and has competed in many competitions. She’s married to Iain Valliere, another bodybuilder, who was one of Chris’s early coaches.

Chris Bumstead with family
Chris Bumstead with family

Support System

The Bumstead family is very close. They encourage one other in their achievements, particularly in the realm of bodybuilding. Melissa has been a big influence to Chris, often encouraging him and offering advice. Jeff and Mary’s assistance has been vital throughout Chris’ career.

New Addition

Recently, Chris and his partner, Courtney King, welcomed a baby girl named Bradley Shey Bumstead into the world. This new addition has brought even more joy to the Bumstead family. Jeff is undoubtedly thrilled to be a grandfather and to see his family grow.

Chris Bumstead parents
Chris Bumstead parents

Behind the Scenes

While Chris often takes the spotlight with his bodybuilding success, Jeff prefers to stay out of the limelight. He leads a quieter life, focused on his work and supporting his family. But his impact on Chris’s life is undeniable, serving as a constant source of love and encouragement.

Shared Passion

Although Jeff may not compete in bodybuilding himself, his support for Chris’s passion is unwavering. He attends Chris’s competitions and cheers him on every step of the way. Jeff’s pride in his son’s accomplishments shines through, demonstrating the strength of their bond.

Chris Bumstead with father Jeff Bumstead
Chris Bumstead with father Jeff Bumstead

Looking Ahead

As Chris progresses in his bodybuilding profession, Jeff will definitely be by his side, cheering him on and offering encouragement. The Bumstead family’s connection and love for one another will continue to drive Chris’s achievement.

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FAQs About Jeff Bumstead

What does Jeff Bumstead do for a living?

Jeff Bumstead holds the position of Chief Information Officer in Kingston, Ontario. He is dedicated to his professional career, providing expertise in information management.

Is Jeff Bumstead involved in bodybuilding like his son?

While Jeff may not be directly involved in bodybuilding like his son Chris, he is a supportive figure in Chris’s journey. He attends Chris’s competitions and provides encouragement from the sidelines.

What is Jeff Bumstead’s relationship with the rest of the Bumstead family?

Jeff Bumstead is married to Mary Bumstead, and together they have two children, Chris and Melissa Bumstead. Melissa is also involved in bodybuilding, and Jeff’s support extends to her as well. The Bumstead family shares a close bond and supports each other in their endeavors.


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