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Jill B. Hindes – Jesse Lee Soffer’s Mother | Know About Her

Jill B. Hindes – Jesse Lee Soffer’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 11, 2024

Jill B. Hindes is best known as the mother of Jesse Lee Soffer, a famous actor from the TV show “Chicago P.D.” She has played a big role in her son’s life and career. Let’s dive into who Jill B. Hindes is and what makes her special.

Jesse Lee Soffer mother Jill B Hindes
mother Jill B Hindes
Quick Facts About Jill B. Hindes Details
Full Name Jill B. Hindes
Birthdate September 6, 1953
Occupation Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Husband/Wife Stanley Soffer (first husband), Robert Hindes (second husband)
Education N/A
Age 70 years and 8 months old
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Jesse Lee Soffer (with Stanley Soffer), Shayne Hindes, Jenna Hindes
Net Worth <$1 million

A Little About Jill B. Hindes

Jill was born on September 6, 1953. She works as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. This means she helps people who are struggling with mental health issues. It’s a very important job that takes a lot of compassion.

Jesse Lee Soffer with his mother Jill B. Hindes
Jesse Lee Soffer with his mother Jill B. Hindes

Jill is married to Robert Hindes, her second husband. Before that, she was married to Stanley Soffer, Jesse’s father. Sadly, Stanley passed away in 1993 when Jesse was just nine years old. This was a hard time for Jesse and his family, but Jill was there to support her son through it all.

Supporting Her Son’s Career

Jill has always encouraged Jesse’s dreams. When he showed interest in acting, she did everything she could to help him. She even hired his first agent. This was a big step that helped Jesse get his start in the entertainment world. Jill was a constant source of encouragement, which made a huge difference in Jesse’s career.

Family and Siblings

Jill’s family has an interesting story. From her first marriage with Stanley Soffer, Jesse has two half-siblings, Craig and Melisa. After Jill remarried, she had two more children, Shayne and Jenna Hindes. Jesse has a good relationship with his younger half-siblings, but he isn’t very close to Craig and Melisa.

Jesse Lee Soffer with his sisters
Jesse Lee Soffer with his sisters

Shayne Hindes is a New York-based model and stylist who was born in 1993. After completing her studies in nutrition sciences, she also wrote a cookbook. Shayne even launched a company named Guiltless, where she offers chocolates and cupcakes that are good for you.

The 1995 born Jenna Hindes adores animals. On social media, she expresses her love of horses and pets. You may watch numerous adorable pet videos and her other adventures if you follow her on social media.

Jesse Lee Soffer’s Journey

Jill’s support helped Jesse become a successful actor. He has played the role of Jay Halstead in “Chicago P.D.” and other shows in the “One Chicago” franchise. Even though Jesse has grown up and has his own career, he still has a close bond with his mom. Jill has always been there to cheer him on, and she continues to do so.

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FAQs About Jill B. Hindes

Who is Jill B. Hindes?

Jill B. Hindes is the mother of Jesse Lee Soffer, a well-known American actor famous for his role in the TV series “Chicago P.D.” She is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and has played an important role in supporting her son’s career.

What does Jill B. Hindes do for a living?

Jill B. Hindes works as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, helping people with mental health issues. This job requires empathy and specialized training in healthcare.

Who was Jill B. Hindes married to?

Jill B. Hindes was first married to Stanley Soffer, who was the father of Jesse Lee Soffer. After their divorce, Jill remarried to Robert Hindes.

Does Jill B. Hindes have other children besides Jesse Lee Soffer?

Yes, Jill B. Hindes has two children from her second marriage to Robert Hindes. These are Jesse’s younger half-sisters, Shayne and Jenna Hindes. Jill also has two older stepchildren, Craig and Melisa Soffer, from Stanley Soffer‘s previous marriage.

What happened to Jill B. Hindes’ first husband, Stanley Soffer?

Stanley Soffer, the father of Jesse Lee Soffer, passed away in 1993 when Jesse was nine years old. He was 50 years old at the time of his passing.


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