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Stan Soffer – Jesse Lee Soffer’s Father | Know About Him

Stan Soffer – Jesse Lee Soffer’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 9, 2024

Stan Soffer was Jesse Lee Soffer’s dad. Jesse, the actor we know from TV, had a dad who was special to him. Let’s find out more about Stan Soffer and his family.

Quick Facts About Stanley Soffer Details
Full Name Stanley Soffer
Birthdate 1942
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Jill Hindes, First wife name not known
Died 1993
Age Died at 51
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Craig Soffer, Melisa Soffer, Jesse Lee Soffer
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Who was Stan Soffer?

Stan Soffer was born in 1942. He lived in Ossining, New York. Jesse’s dad had a life before Jesse was born. Stan was married before he met Jesse’s mom, Jill Hindes. From that marriage, he had two kids: Craig Soffer and Melisa Soffer. Stan had another marriage with Jill Hindes. They had Jesse together.

Stan’s Life and Legacy

Stan Soffer passed away in 1993. He was 51 years old. Jesse was very young when his dad died. Stan’s death left a big gap in Jesse’s life. Even though Jesse’s dad isn’t here anymore, his memory lives on in Jesse’s heart and in the stories his family tells.

Jesse Lee Soffer mother Jill B Hindes
Wife Jill B Hindes

Jesse’s Connection with His Dad

Jesse and his dad shared a special bond. Even though Jesse was young when his dad passed away, the memories they made together are precious to him. Stan’s presence is felt in Jesse’s life every day.

Family Dynamics

Jesse Lee Soffer’s family is interesting. His mom, Jill, is a psychiatric nurse practitioner. After her split from Stan, she found love again with Robert Hindes. Together, they had two more kids: Shayne and Jenna Hindes. Jesse shares a close bond with his mom, who has always been there for him.

Jesse’s Siblings

Jesse has siblings from both his parents’ marriages. From his dad’s first marriage, he has a brother, Craig, who is into writing and tutoring. He also has a sister, Melisa. From his mom’s second marriage, Jesse has two half-sisters. Shayne, born in ’93, is a model and fashion stylist. Jenna loves animals, especially dogs and horses.

Jesse Lee Soffer’s Journey

Jesse Lee Soffer, known for his roles on TV, has had an interesting journey. From his childhood in Ossining, New York, to his rise in the entertainment industry, Jesse’s story is one of determination and passion.

Legacy and Impact

Though Stan Soffer’s time was cut short, his impact on Jesse and his family is everlasting. His memory lives on through Jesse’s work and the love of his family.

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FAQs About Stan Soffer

Who was Stan Soffer?

Stan Soffer was the father of actor Jesse Lee Soffer. He lived in Ossining, New York, and had two marriages in his lifetime.

When did Stan Soffer pass away?

Stan Soffer passed away in 1993 at the age of 51. His son, Jesse Lee Soffer, was around nine or ten years old at the time.

Who was Stan Soffer’s wife?

Stan Soffer was married to Jill Hindes, who later became Jesse Lee Soffer’s mother. He also had a previous marriage from which he had two children.

How many children did Stan Soffer have?

Stan Soffer had three children from his two marriages. From his first marriage, he had Craig Soffer and Melisa Soffer. From his marriage to Jill Hindes, he had Jesse Lee Soffer.


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