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Jim Hanks – Tom Hanks’ Brother | Know About Him

Jim Hanks – Tom Hanks’ Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 6, 2024

Jim Hanks is a cool guy. He’s Tom Hanks’ little brother. You might know Tom Hanks from movies like “Forrest Gump” and “Toy Story.” But let’s shine the spotlight on Jim for a change. He’s done some neat stuff too.

Jim Hanks
Jim Hanks
Quick Facts About Jim Hanks Information
Full Name Jim Hanks
Birth Date June 15, 1961
Occupation Actor, Filmmaker
Husband/Wife Karen Praxel (Spouse)
Education Not Known
Age 62 years old
Parents Janet Marylyn Frager (Mother), Amos Mefford Hanks (Father)
Siblings Tom Hanks, Sandra Hanks, Larry Hanks
Children Gage Hanks (Child)
Voice Resemblance Similar to Tom Hanks in both face and voice
Acting Contribution Minor roles in films, Voice substitution for Tom Hanks
Other Skills Cinematography
Notable Fact Running double for Tom Hanks in “Forrest Gump”

Who is Jim Hanks?

Jim Hanks is a movie star like his big brother Tom. He’s been in movies and TV shows. Jim is from California and was born on June 15, 1961. That makes him younger than Tom. He’s got a fun job in the film world.

Small Roles, Big Fun

Jim Hanks likes acting. He’s been in some movies, not as the main star, but in small parts. You might have seen him in “Larry Crowne” and “Abnormal Attraction.” He’s even been in “Forrest Gump,” the same movie as Tom! But Jim’s roles are like puzzle pieces that make movies complete.

Sounding Like Tom

Here’s a fun fact: Jim sounds like Tom. Imagine two people with the same voice! Jim’s voice has helped in movies when Tom couldn’t be there. It’s like a voice superhero. Sometimes, Jim is the voice behind the character. It’s like having double the Tom Hanks!

Family Ties

Jim and Tom are family. They have two more siblings, Sandra and Larry. Jim and Tom weren’t always together. After their parents split, they lived in different places. Jim stayed with his mom, and Tom was with his dad. But family is still family, even if they’re far away.

Behind the Scenes

Jim isn’t just an actor. He’s also worked behind the camera. He knows about cinematography. That’s a big word for making movies look cool. Jim’s talents go beyond what we see on the screen. He’s like a movie magician!

Being Tom’s Double

Remember “Forrest Gump”? There’s running in that movie. Jim helped Tom run! Well, not exactly. Jim was the running double for Tom. When you see Forrest running fast, it’s Jim doing the running. They both share the speed!

Meet the Family

Tom Hanks has kids too. He was married before to Samantha Lewes. They had Colin and Elizabeth. Colin is an actor too. He’s been in movies like “Orange County.” Elizabeth is a writer and editor. Tom’s now married to Rita Wilson. They have two sons, Chet and Truman. Chet is an actor like his dad. Truman acted in a movie called “A Man.”

Grandkids Galore

Tom’s kids are all grown up and have kids of their own. Colin has two daughters, Olivia and Charlotte. Chet has a daughter named Michaiah. So, Tom is not only a dad but also a grandpa. That’s a big family with lots of fun!

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FAQs About Jim Hanks

Who is Jim Hanks?

Jim Hanks is an American actor and filmmaker, best known as the younger brother of the famous actor Tom Hanks. He has appeared in various movies and TV shows, often taking on minor roles and contributing his voice to characters.

What is Jim Hanks famous for?

Jim Hanks is famous for being the younger brother of Tom Hanks, a renowned Hollywood actor. He has also appeared in movies like “Forrest Gump,” “Abnormal Attraction,” and “Blood Type.”

How old is Jim Hanks?

Jim Hanks was born on June 15, 1961, which makes him 62 years old as of the current date.

Is Jim Hanks an actor like his brother?

Yes, Jim Hanks is an actor, and he has appeared in movies and television shows. He has worked in both on-screen roles and voice acting.

Has Jim Hanks worked behind the scenes in movies?

Yes, Jim Hanks has not only acted in movies but has also been involved in cinematography. He has a versatile skill set that extends beyond acting.

Did Jim Hanks ever work with his brother Tom Hanks on screen?

Yes, Jim Hanks has worked with his brother Tom Hanks on screen. He appeared in the movie “Forrest Gump,” where he played a role alongside his brother.

What is Jim Hanks’ contribution to the “Toy Story” franchise?

Jim Hanks has provided voice substitution work for characters in the “Toy Story” franchise, just like he has done for other projects. His voice has been used for characters portrayed by his brother Tom Hanks in certain situations.

Does Jim Hanks have a family of his own?

Yes, Jim Hanks is married to Karen Praxel, and they have a child together named Gage Hanks.

Is Jim Hanks as famous as his brother Tom Hanks?

Jim Hanks is not as famous as his brother Tom Hanks, who is a highly acclaimed and recognized actor in the entertainment industry. However, Jim has made contributions to the industry and has his own presence.

What other family members does Jim Hanks have?

Jim Hanks has two other siblings, Sandra Hanks and Larry Hanks, in addition to his well-known brother Tom Hanks.

Final Thoughts

Jim Hanks might not be as famous as his big brother Tom, but he’s still awesome. He’s been in movies, helped with voices, and even ran for Tom! Family is important to the Hanks crew. From Jim to Tom, and all the kids and grandkids, they’re a cool bunch in the movie world. So, next time you watch a Tom Hanks movie, remember there’s a fun guy named Jim who’s part of the family too!


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