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Jim McCartney – Paul McCartney’s Father | Know About Him

Jim McCartney – Paul McCartney’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 21, 2024

The father of well-known Beatles member Paul McCartney, Jim McCartney, had a big influence on his son’s musical career. Let’s explore Jim McCartney’s biography and his impact on Paul’s formative years.

Paul McCartney's Father Jim McCartney
Jim McCartney
Quick Facts about Jim McCartney Details
Full Name James McCartney
Birthdate July 7, 1902
Occupation Member of Jim Mac’s Jazz Band
Husband/Wife Angie McCartney (m. 1964–1976), Mary McCartney (m. 1941–1956)
Died 18 March 1976
Age Died at 73 years
Parents Florence Clegg, Joseph McCartney
Children Paul McCartneyRuth McCartneyMike McCartney
Net worth <$1 million

Early Life:

Born on July 7, 1902, at 8 Fishguard Street, Everton, Jim McCartney grew up in a family of Irish descent. He was the son of Joseph and Florence McCartney and had several siblings, including five sisters and two brothers. Music was always a part of Jim’s life from an early age.

Paul McCartney's mother Mary Patricia McCartney
Wife Mary Patricia McCartney

Musical Pursuits:

Jim McCartney was a member of a group known as Jim Mac’s Jazz Band and loved music. He loved to share his passion for music with others by performing it. His interactions with his son Paul would subsequently be influenced by this musical background.


As Paul McCartney’s father, Jim played a crucial role in nurturing his son’s musical talents. He encouraged Paul to start playing the family piano and provided guidance and support as Paul developed his skills. Jim’s belief in his son’s abilities helped shape Paul’s confidence as a musician.

Paul McCartney's Sister Ruth McCartney
daughter Ruth McCartney

Influence on Paul:

Paul was influenced by Jim McCartney in ways other than mere support. Although Paul eventually decided that he would rather learn by ear, he suggested that Paul take music lessons. Paul’s incredible musical journey began with Jim’s support and direction, which motivated him to fully pursue his love of music.


Jim McCartney’s legacy lives on through his son’s extraordinary career. While Jim himself may not have achieved the same level of fame as Paul, his impact on shaping Paul’s early musical interests and talents cannot be overstated. Jim’s belief in his son’s potential set the stage for one of the most iconic musical careers in history.

Paul McCartney's brother Mike McGear
Son Mike McGear

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FAQs About Jim McCartney

Who was Jim McCartney?

Jim McCartney was the father of Beatles member Paul McCartney. He played a significant role in shaping Paul’s early musical development and supporting his musical aspirations.

Where was Jim McCartney born?

Jim McCartney was born on July 7, 1902, at 8 Fishguard Street, Everton, to Joseph and Florence McCartney. This birthplace holds historical significance in understanding Jim’s upbringing.

What was Jim McCartney’s occupation?

Jim McCartney was involved in music and was a member of a band called Jim Mac’s Jazz Band. While he may not have achieved the same level of fame as his son Paul, Jim’s passion for music influenced his interactions with Paul and others.

When did Jim McCartney pass away?

Jim McCartney passed away on March 18, 1976.


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