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Joan Grande – Ariana Grande & Frankie Grande’s Mother | Know About Her

Joan Grande – Ariana Grande & Frankie Grande’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: April 23, 2024

Many people are familiar with Joan Grande. She is the mother of music sensation Ariana Grande. However, Joan is much more than just Ariana’s mother. Let’s take a closer look at her life and discover more about this mysterious woman.

Ariana Grande mother Joan Grande
Joan Grande
Quick Facts About Joan Grande Details
Full Name Joan Marguerite Grande
Birthdate June 10, 1957
Age 66 years and 11 months old
Occupation CEO of Hose-McCann Communications
Husband/Wife Edward Butera (m. 1992–2003), Victor Marchione
Education N/A
Parents Marjorie GrandeFrank Grande
Siblings Judy Grande (sister), Victor and Edward (brothers)
Children Ariana Grande, Frankie Grande
Net Worth Not publicly disclosed

Early Life and Career

On June 11, 1957, Joan Grande was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her roots are in Italy. Joan was raised in a large family. She has two brothers, Edward and Victor, and a sister, Judy. Frank Grande and Marjorie Grande were Joan’s parents. She was raised in a loving household and had her family’s unwavering support.

Ariana Grande Maternal grandparents
Ariana Grande Maternal grandparents

Joan has had a successful career. She was appointed Hose-McCann Communications’ CEO. This company manufactures phones and ship alarms. Joan put forth a lot of effort and succeeded as a businesswoman. Despite having a hectic job, she never failed to find time for her family.

Family Life

Joan wed Edward Butera, a Boca Raton, Florida, owner of a graphic design firm. Ariana Grande is the name of their daughter that they shared. Her birthday is June 26, 1993. Growing up in Boca Raton, Ariana was close to her mother. When Ariana was a young girl, Joan and Edward eventually got divorced. Following that, Joan was left to care for Ariana and her elder half-brother, Frankie Grande.

Ariana Grande with her mother Joan Grande
Ariana Grande with her mother Joan Grande

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After her parents divorced, Ariana moved in with her mother. Joan encouraged Ariana to pursue her love of acting and singing. She was always there for her daughter, helping her pursue her dreams. As Ariana became famous, Joan stayed in the background, letting her daughter shine. Despite being out of the spotlight, Joan played a big role in Ariana’s success.

The Grande Family

Joan’s family is close-knit. Frankie Grande, Ariana’s older half-brother, is a performer and producer. He has hosted TV shows and even appeared on “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2016. Frankie and Ariana share a strong bond, and Joan supports both of them in their careers.

Frankie Grande with his mother Joan Grande
Frankie Grande with his mother Joan Grande

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Joan is also close to her mother, Marjorie Grande, who Ariana calls “Nonna.” Nonna often appears in Ariana’s social media posts. The Grande family is tight, and they love spending time together.

Joan’s Influence on Ariana

Ariana’s career was significantly impacted by Joan Grande. Ariana learned to work hard and never give up from her. Joan demonstrated to her daughter that anything is achievable with hard work and commitment. Ariana has frequently expressed how important her mother is to her. Joan, according to her, is one of her greatest inspirations.

Ariana Grande father Edward Butera
Ex Husband Edward Butera

Joan’s encouragement enabled Ariana to reach her current level of fame. Joan is there for her daughter no matter what, even if she would rather avoid the spotlight. Ariana’s trip would not have been possible without Joan’s support and affection.

Frankie Grande with his father Victor Marchione
Frankie Grande with his father Victor Marchione

FAQs About Joan Grande

Who is Joan Grande?

Joan Grande is an American businesswoman and the mother of pop star Ariana Grande. She is the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a company that provides communication equipment for ships.

What is Joan Grande’s background?

Joan Grande was born on June 11, 1957, in Brooklyn, New York. She has Italian roots and comes from a large family. She is the youngest daughter of Marjorie and Frank Grande.

Who is Joan Grande’s family?

Joan Grande’s immediate family includes her daughter, Ariana Grande, and her son, Frankie Grande, a performer and producer. She is also close to her mother, Marjorie Grande, known as “Nonna.” Joan was previously married to Edward Butera, Ariana’s father.

What is Joan Grande’s relationship with Ariana’s father, Edward Butera?

Joan Grande was married to Edward Butera, who owned a graphic design firm in Boca Raton, Florida. They divorced when Ariana was young. Despite the separation, Ariana and her father reconnected and rebuilt their relationship as she grew older.

What is Joan Grande’s relationship with her mother, Marjorie Grande?

Joan Grande is close to her mother, Marjorie Grande, known affectionately as “Nonna.” Marjorie often appears in Ariana Grande’s social media posts, showing their close relationship.


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