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Marjorie Grande – Ariana Grande’s Grandmother | Know About Her

Marjorie Grande – Ariana Grande’s Grandmother | Know About Her

Last updated on: April 23, 2024

Marjorie Grande is someone special. She’s not just any grandmother. She’s Ariana Grande’s grandmother, known as “Nonna.” Let’s dive into what makes her remarkable.

Ariana Grande's Grandmother Marjorie Grande
Marjorie Grande
Quick Facts About Marjorie Grande Details
Full Name Marjorie Grande
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Frank Grande (m. 1946–2014)
Education N/A
Age 98 years
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Daughter: Joan Grande
Grandchildren Ariana Grande and Frankie Grande
Net Worth <$1 million

Meet Marjorie Grande

Marjorie Grande is the grandmother of pop sensation Ariana Grande. But she’s more than just a family member. Marjorie, or Nonna, as she’s affectionately called, has made headlines for her own achievements.

Ariana Grande with grandmother Marjorie Grande
Ariana Grande with grandmother Marjorie Grande

Record-Breaking Granny

Marjorie Grande made history. At a whopping 98 years old, she became the oldest person to ever grace the Billboard Hot 100. It’s all thanks to her feature on Ariana’s song “Eternal Sunshine.” Imagine that, hitting the music charts at such a ripe age!

Close-Knit Family Ties

There is a unique link between Marjorie and Ariana. It’s likely that you have seen them together on social media. They are indivisible. Not only is Marjorie Ariana’s grandmother, but she is also her confidante, rock, and source of support.

Family Matters

Marjorie isn’t the only important figure in Ariana’s family. There’s also Joan Grande, Ariana’s mom, who used to be the CEO of a big communications company. And let’s not forget Edward Butera, Ariana’s dad, who runs his own graphic design business. Despite her parents’ divorce when she was young, Ariana found love and support from both.

Ariana Grande mother Joan Grande
Daughter Joan Grande

Sibling Support

Ariana has an older half-brother named Frankie Grande. He’s a jack-of-all-trades in showbiz, from hosting TV shows to producing music. Frankie and Ariana share a strong sibling bond, despite their busy lives.

Ariana Grande with her half brother Frankie Grande
Ariana Grande with her half brother Frankie Grande

Love and Loss

Ariana’s maternal grandfather, Frank Grande, played a significant role in her life. Though he’s no longer with us, his memory lives on in the hearts of his family.

Love Found and Lost

In matters of the heart, Ariana’s love life has been a rollercoaster. She was once married to Dalton Gomez, a real estate hotshot, from 2021 to 2024. Their marriage brought a touch of luxury into Ariana’s world, but alas, it wasn’t meant to last.

Ariana Grande Maternal grandparents
Ariana Grande Maternal grandparents

A Life in the Limelight

Despite being a grandma, Marjorie Grande is no stranger to the limelight. Her incredible accomplishment on the Billboard charts has demonstrated that age is merely a number. She serves as an inspiration to people of all ages by demonstrating that goals may be achieved at any age.

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FAQs About Marjorie Grande

Who is Marjorie Grande?

Grande, a.k.a. “Nonna,” is the grandmother of pop sensation Ariana Grande. She is well-known for her tight bond with Ariana and for breaking records in the music business despite being older than others.

What record did Marjorie Grande break?

Marjorie Grande became the oldest person to ever appear on the Billboard Hot 100. At the age of 98, she was featured on Ariana Grande’s song “Eternal Sunshine,” earning her a spot on the chart.

How is Marjorie Grande related to Ariana Grande?

Marjorie Grande is Ariana Grande’s maternal grandmother. She’s often seen with Ariana at public events and in social media posts, showing the close bond they share.

What is Marjorie Grande’s nickname?

Marjorie Grande’s nickname is “Nonna.” This is an Italian term for grandmother, which reflects her affectionate role within the family.


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