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Joanne Vickers – Jos Buttler’s Sister | Know About Her

Joanne Vickers – Jos Buttler’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 14, 2024

Jos Buttler, the famous English cricketer, has a special sister named Joanne Vickers. Let’s get to know more about her and her connection with the cricket star.
Jos Buttler's Sister Joanne Vickers
Jos Buttler’s Sister Joanne Vickers
Quick Facts about Joanne Vickers
Full Name Joanne Vickers
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Not Known
Education N/A
Age 35+
Parents John ButtlerPatricia Buttler
Siblings James Buttler, Jos Buttler
Children Not Known
Net Worth <$1 Million

Who is Joanne Vickers?

Joanne Vickers is the older sister of Jos Buttler. She’s an important part of his life and has been there with him through his cricketing journey. While Jos is known for his incredible cricket skills, Joanne prefers to stay out of the limelight. However, her support for her brother has always been unwavering.

Jos and Joanne – Sibling Bond

Jos and Joanne share a strong sibling bond. They grew up together in Taunton, England, and have shared many memorable moments. As kids, they used to have a lot of fun playing cricket on their house’s patio. This early connection with the game likely played a part in Jos’s cricketing journey.
Jos Buttler with his siblings
Jos Buttler with his siblings

Joanne’s Role in Jos’s Career

While Jos has made a name for himself in the cricket world, Joanne has quietly supported him from behind the scenesDuring some of Jos’s remarkable innings, Joanne has shown her support by tweeting about his achievements. It’s clear that she takes pride in her brother’s accomplishments.

Jos’s Extended Family

Jos Buttler’s family is not just limited to Joanne. He also has a younger brother named Jimmie Gosser. Jimmie, like Jos, has had his own cricketing journey and even played for the Cheddar Cricket Club during his younger days. The love for cricket seems to run in the family, with both brothers sharing their passion for the sport.
Jos Buttler's parents
Jos Buttler’s parents

Joanne’s Privacy

While Jos is in the public eye due to his cricketing career, Joanne values her privacy. She has chosen to lead a more private life away from the media spotlight. Her focus has always been on supporting her brother rather than seeking attention for herself.

Jos’s Family Life

Jos Buttler also has a loving family of his own. He is married to Louise Webber, his long-time girlfriend. The couple tied the knot in October 2017, marking a significant moment in Jos’s life. Their wedding news was shared on Instagram, where they celebrated their happiness with the world.

A Growing Family

Jos and Louise are the proud parents of two adorable daughters. Their first daughter, Georgia Rose, was born in April 2019, bringing immense joy to the family. The happiness didn’t stop there. In September 2021, they welcomed their second daughter, Margot. The Buttler family has been growing and thriving, and Jos cherishes his roles as a cricketer and a family man.

Support System

Family plays a crucial role in Jos Buttler’s life and career. Whether it’s his parents, siblings, or his own family with Louise and their daughters, they have always been his support systemTheir encouragement and love have been instrumental in his journey to becoming one of England’s cricketing stars.
Jos Buttler with sister Joanne Vickers
Jos Buttler with sister Joanne Vickers

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FAQs About Joanne Vickers

Who is Joanne Vickers?
Joanne Vickers is the older sister of English cricketer Jos Buttler. She has been a supportive presence in his life and career.
What is Joanne Vickers known for?
Joanne Vickers is known for being Jos Buttler’s sister. She has shown support for her brother during his cricketing achievements.
Does Joanne Vickers have a public profile?
No, Joanne Vickers prefers to maintain her privacy and stays out of the public eye. She is not involved in the media spotlight.
Does Joanne Vickers have any other siblings?
Yes, Jos Buttler has two siblings. In addition to Joanne, he has a younger brother named Jimmie Gosser, who has also had a connection to cricket.
Where did Joanne Vickers and Jos Buttler grow up?
Joanne and Jos grew up together in Taunton, England. They shared many memorable moments during their childhood, including playing cricket together.
Is Joanne Vickers involved in cricket like her brother Jos?
Joanne Vickers is not actively involved in cricket. While Jos pursued a career in cricket, Joanne has chosen a more private life.

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