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John Buttler – Jos Buttler’s Father | Know About Him

John Buttler – Jos Buttler’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 10, 2024

If you’re a cricket fan and follow the game closely, you might have heard of Jos Buttler, the talented English cricketer. But have you ever wondered about the man behind the scenes, the person who helped shape Jos’s life and career? That’s right; we’re talking about John Buttler, Jos Buttler’s father. In this article, we’ll get to know more about John Buttler and his role in Jos’s journey to becoming a cricket star.
Jos Buttler's father John Buttler
Jos Buttler’s father John Buttler
Quick Facts About John Buttler
Full Name John Buttler
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Married to Patricia Buttler
Education N/A
Age 60+
Parents N/A
Grandchildren Georgia Rose, Margot Buttler
Children Jos Buttler (Son)
Joanne Vickers (Elder Daughter)
James Gosser (Younger Son)
Net Worth <$1 Million

Meet John Buttler

John Buttler is a vital part of Jos Buttler’s life. He’s not a famous cricketer like his son, but he’s a crucial figure in Jos’s personal and cricketing world. Let’s learn more about this unsung hero.

Family Man

First and foremost, John Buttler is a devoted family man. He has been there for Jos every step of the way, supporting his dreams and ambitions. Whether it was playing cricket on the patio with Jos and his younger brother Jimmie or being a source of strength during the ups and downs of Jos’s cricketing career, John has always been there.

Patricia – The Cricket Coach

John’s wife, Patricia Buttler, is not just a mother to Jos but also a PE teacher. She played a unique role in Jos’s life as one of his first cricket coaches. Imagine having your mom as your cricket coach! Patricia’s helpful suggestions and direction have definitely helped Jos do well in cricket.
Jos Buttler's Mother Patricia Buttler
Jos Buttler’s Mother Patricia Buttler

Sibling Bond

Jos Buttler has two siblings who are an integral part of his life. He has an elder sister namedJoanne Vickers and a younger brother named James Gosser. Jos and Jimmie used to have a blast playing cricket together on their house’s patio. The bond between them as siblings is very strong, and Jimmie even played cricket for the Cheddar Cricket Club when he was younger.
Jos Buttler with his siblings
Jos Buttler with his siblings

A Loving Husband

John Buttler is not just a father; he’s also a loving husband. They got married in 2017: Jos Buttler married his longtime girlfriend, Louise Webber. John was definitely there to see and enjoy this important event in his son’s life.

The Next Generation

Jos Buttler and Louise Webber are proud parents of two lovely daughters. Their first daughter, Georgia Rose, was born in April 2019, bringing immense joy and happiness to the Buttler family. The happiness multiplied when Margot Buttler came into the world on September 5, 2021. John Buttler, as a grandfather, must be cherishing these precious moments with his grandchildren.
Jos Buttler with his wife and children
Jos Buttler with his wife and children

A Supportive Family

Throughout Jos’s cricket journey, the Buttler family has always been there for him. They have cheered for him from the stands, praised his wins, and helped him feel better when things were hard. Because they are there for Jos, John, Patricia, Joanne, Jimmie, Louise, Georgia Rose, and Margot have helped him reach new heights in cricket.

FAQs About John Buttler

Who is John Buttler?
John Buttler is the father of Jos Buttler, the English cricketer who has represented England in various formats of the game.
What is John Buttler’s background?
John Buttler comes from a middle-class Christian family.
What is John Buttler’s role in Jos Buttler’s life and career?
John Buttler has been a supportive and guiding figure in Jos Buttler’s life. He has been there to support Jos in his cricketing journey from a young age.
Is John Buttler involved in cricket like his son?
John Buttler is not a professional cricketer. However, he played a crucial role in nurturing Jos’s passion for cricket, along with his wife, Patricia, who is also a PE teacher and one of Jos’s early cricket coaches.
Does John Buttler have any other children besides Jos?
Yes, John Buttler has two other children besides Jos. He has an elder daughter namedJoanne Vickers and a younger son named James Gosser.
What has James Gosser, Jos’s younger brother, achieved in cricket?
James Gosser, Jos’s younger brother, played cricket and even represented the Cheddar Cricket Club when he was young.
Is John Buttler a grandfather?
Yes, John Buttler is a grandfather. Jos Buttler and his wife Louise Webber have two daughters, Georgia Rose and Margot, making John a proud grandfather.
What is John Buttler’s role in the Buttler family?
John Buttler serves as a father, husband, and grandfather in the Buttler family. He plays an essential role in providing support and love to his family members, both in their personal lives and in the context of Jos’s cricketing career.

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