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John Dorough – Howie Dorough’s Brother | Know About Him

John Dorough – Howie Dorough’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 8, 2024

Howie Dorough, the well-known member of the Backstreet Boys, has an elder brother named John Dorough. Howie Dorough hails from a large household. John is the first of his five siblings. Unlike his brother, John does not work in the music industry. Rather, he works in the real estate industry. He is one of the co-founders of Sweet D, Inc.

Howie Dorough brother John Dorough
brother John Dorough
Quick Facts About John Dorough Details
Full Name John Dorough
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Real Estate Developer, Consultant
Husband/Wife Not Known
Age 55+ (as of 2024)
Parents Hoke Dwaine Dorough (father)
Paula Flores (mother)
Siblings Angie Dorough, Howie Dorough, Pollyanna Dorough, Caroline Dorough-Cochran
Children N/A
Net Worth $1 million (as of 2024)

What Does Sweet D, Inc. Do?

Sweet D, Inc. is a real estate-focused business. It creates and constructs a wide range of attributes. This covers lodgings by the water as well as hotels and condominiums. This company is run by John Dorough and Howie. It is a family matter. John and Howie grew raised in Orlando, Florida, which is also the company’s home location.

Dorough Brothers Development and Consulting

John Dorough also works with his brother Howie in another business. It’s called Dorough Brothers Development and Consulting. This company does real estate development and consulting in Orlando. The Dorough brothers work together to create new and exciting projects. They help people build properties that are both useful and beautiful.

Howie Dorough family
Howie Dorough family

The Dorough Family

John Dorough is part of a large family. He has three sisters and one brother, Howie. His sisters are Pollyanna, Angie, and Caroline. Sadly, his sister Caroline passed away in 1998 due to lupus. This was a sad time for the Dorough family. Pollyanna, another one of John’s sisters, is also a singer, just like Howie.

John’s family background is interesting. His mom, Paula Flores, is Puerto Rican. His dad, Hoke Dwaine Dorough, is of Irish and English descent. This mix gives the Dorough family a unique background. It’s not just business with the Doroughs; they also value family.

Howie Dorough's Father Hoke Dwaine Dorough
Father Hoke Dwaine Dorough

Howie Dorough’s Family Life

Howie Dorough is married to Leigh Anne Dorough. They got married in 2007. They have two sons, James Hoke Dorough, born in 2009, and Holden John Dorough, born in 2013. The Dorough family enjoys spending time together.

Howie Dorough mother Paula Flores
mother Paula Flores

What Makes John Dorough Unique?

Because he doesn’t pursue the same musical path as his brother, John Dorough is special. Rather, in real estate, he has forged his own route. In the workplace, he and Howie collaborate, but John plays a separate function. He is a key member of Dorough Brothers Development and Consulting and a leader in Sweet D, Inc.

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FAQs About John Dorough

Who is John Dorough?

Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys has an elder brother named John Dorough. In addition to being his brother’s business partner in many endeavors, he develops real estate.

Where is John Dorough based?

John Dorough is based in Orlando, Florida, where he and Howie grew up. His business ventures, like Sweet D, Inc., operate from this location.

Is John Dorough in the entertainment industry?

No, John Dorough is not in the entertainment industry like his brother Howie. He is focused on real estate development and business consulting.

How is John Dorough related to Howie Dorough?

John Dorough is Howie Dorough’s older brother. They are part of a family with five siblings, including Pollyanna, Angie, and the late Caroline Dorough-Cochran.

What is John Dorough’s family background?

John Dorough’s family is a mix of cultures. His mother, Paula Flores, is Puerto Rican, and his father, Hoke Dwaine Dorough, has Irish and English roots. John has four siblings, including Howie Dorough.

Did John Dorough have a sister who passed away?

Yes, John Dorough’s sister, Caroline Dorough-Cochran, passed away in 1998 due to complications from lupus. This was a difficult time for the Dorough family.


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