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Paula Flores – Howie Dorough’s Mother | Know About Her

Paula Flores – Howie Dorough’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 21, 2024

Howie Dorough’s mother is Paula Flores-Dorough. He’s a member of the well-known boy band Backstreet Boys. Paula has a fascinating history. Her parents are from Puerto Rico, and she was born in 1934. Howie is one of her five children in a large family. Among them all, he is the youngest.

Howie Dorough mother Paula Flores
mother Paula Flores

Paula is regarded as a loving and devoted mother. She has had jobs as a babysitter and in the cafeteria of a middle school. These positions demonstrate her love of serving people. Hoke Dwaine Dorough, Paula’s husband, tragically died in 2008. As a police officer, army soldier, real estate developer, and bank security officer, Hoke had an intriguing career.

Quick Facts About Paula Flores Details
Full Name Paula Flores-Dorough
Birthdate 1934
Occupation Former Middle School Cafeteria Worker, Babysitter
Husband Hoke Dwaine Dorough (1938–2008)
Education N/A
Age 90 years and 5 months old
Parents Not Known
Daughters Caroline Dorough-Cochran, Pollyanna Dorough, Angie Dorough
Sons Howie DoroughJohn Dorough
Grandchildren Two (James Hoke Dorough, Holden John Dorough)
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

A Family with Musical Talent

Paula’s family is full of music and singing. Her son Howie is in a famous band, but he’s not the only one in the family with musical talent. His sister Pollyanna is also a singer. They both share a love for music, which might come from their mother’s side of the family.

The Dorough family is a mix of different cultures. Paula is Puerto Rican, and Hoke, Howie’s father, was Irish and English. This blend of cultures adds to the richness of the family’s history.

Howie Dorough with mother Paula Flores
Howie Dorough with mother Paula Flores

Family Losses

Even though the Dorough family has many good times, they have also faced sadness. In 1998, Paula’s daughter, Caroline Dorough-Cochran, passed away from Lupus at the age of 38. This was a difficult time for the family, but they supported each other through it. Howie and his siblings, John and Angie, along with their mother Paula, stayed close to one another during this tough time.

Howie Dorough’s Family Life

Howie Dorough is a grown man now, with a family of his own. He has two boys with Leigh Anne Dorough, his spouse. Holden John Dorough was born in 2013 and James Hoke Dorough in 2009. Howie values his family deeply and relishes spending time with his wife and children.

Howie Dorough family
Howie Dorough family

Howie’s grandmother, Paula, has a big impact on him. She enjoys spending time with her grandkids. Holidays and birthdays are commonly shared by the family. They treasure these moments, indicating how significant family is to them.

Paula Flores’s Legacy

Paula Flores-Dorough has left a strong legacy for her family. She has been a caring mother and a loving grandmother. Even though she has faced tough times, like losing her daughter Caroline, she remains strong. Her strength and love for her family have helped them through the years.

As Howie Dorough continues to make music and tour with the Backstreet Boys, he knows that his family supports him. Paula’s influence has played a big part in Howie’s success and his commitment to his own family.

Howie Dorough with mother Paula Flores
Howie Dorough with mother Paula Flores

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FAQs About Paula Flores

What is Paula Flores’s background?

Paula was born in 1934 and has Puerto Rican roots. She worked in a middle school cafeteria and as a babysitter. Her husband, Hoke Dwaine Dorough, who passed away in 2008, was Irish and English, and had a varied career that included serving in the army, working as a police officer, and engaging in real estate development.

How many children does Paula Flores have?

Paula has five children. Her youngest is Howie Dorough. Her other children are Pollyanna, Caroline, John, and Angie. Pollyanna is also a singer, while Caroline, sadly, passed away from Lupus at age 38 in 1998.

Does Paula Flores have grandchildren?

Yes, Paula has grandchildren from Howie Dorough and his wife, Leigh Anne Dorough. They have two sons: James Hoke Dorough, born in 2009, and Holden John Dorough, born in 2013. Paula is an important part of their lives and enjoys spending time with them.

What is the cultural background of Paula Flores?

Paula is of Puerto Rican descent, while her late husband, Hoke Dwaine Dorough, was Irish and English. This diverse cultural background adds richness to the Dorough family’s story.


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