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Who is Josh Kelley? Katherine Heigl’s Husband: A Look into His Life and Career

Who is Josh Kelley? Katherine Heigl’s Husband: A Look into His Life and Career

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

Katherine Heigl’s husband, Josh Kelley, comes from a background as interesting as his music. Born on January 30, 1980, he has a Southern charm that complements Katherine’s Hollywood sparkle.

Katherine Heigl with husband Josh Kelley
Katherine Heigl with husband Josh Kelley
Quick Facts About Joshua Bishop Kelley Information
Full Name Joshua Bishop Kelley
Birthdate January 30, 1980
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Husband/Wife Katherine Heigl (married since December 2007)
Education N/A
Age 44 years and 5 months old
Parents Father: John W. Kelley
Mother: Gayle Kelley
Siblings Brother: Charles Kelley (of Lady A, the band)
Sister: Erin Kelley Foster
Children Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun Kelly
Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley
Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr. (born in 2016)
Net Worth Estimated to be around $6 million (as of 2024)

Family Roots:

Josh’s family tree has deep American roots, with a mix of Irish, German, and Swiss-German ancestry. His parents instilled a love for music, and Josh’s journey into the world of melodies began early.

Katherine Heigl family
Katherine Heigl family

Musical Journey

Tune Crafting Talent:

Josh Kelley, a gifted musician, didn’t just stumble upon the music scene; he embraced it. From an early age, his fingers found solace on the guitar strings, creating harmonies that would later resonate with fans worldwide.

Top Billboard Hits:

Among his notable achievements are the pop-rock tunes “Amazing” and “Only You,” both climbing into the top 10 of Billboard’s Adult Top 40. These hits set the stage for his path to stardom.

Love Story with Katherine

On-Set Spark:

Fate intervened when Josh and Katherine’s paths crossed on the set of the “Only You” music video in 2005. Their connection was undeniable, laying the foundation for a love story that transcended the glitz of Hollywood.

Wedding Bells:

The couple didn’t keep their love waiting. In December 2007, they exchanged vows, embarking on a journey that has since become an inspiration in Tinseltown.

Josh Kelley with wife Katherine Heigl
Josh Kelley with wife Katherine Heigl

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Expanding the Family

Adopting Love:

Katherine and Josh’s commitment to family is evident in their choice to adopt. In 2009, Naleigh, their first adopted daughter, brought a new kind of joy to their lives, hailing from South Korea. The family grew with the addition of Adalaide in 2012, another beautiful adoption.

A Biological Addition:

Completing the trio, in 2016, Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr., their biological son, entered the world. This blend of adopted and biological children showcases their boundless love.

Facing Challenges and Finding Strength

Family Tragedy:

Life isn’t always a melody, and tragedy struck when Katherine’s brother, Jason, passed away in a car accident at 15. In this difficult time, the family made a profound decision – to donate Jason’s organs, a choice that echoed with positivity amid grief.

Embracing Simplicity

A Move to Utah:

In pursuit of a simpler life, the Heigl-Kelley family bid farewell to the bustling Los Angeles and embraced the tranquility of Utah. This move allowed them to reconnect with nature, fostering a deeper sense of togetherness.

Favorite Role: Momhood:

Despite the glitz of Hollywood, Katherine’s heart found its favorite role – being a mom to Naleigh, Adalaide, and Joshua. Social media often captures snapshots of their adventures, highlighting the joy Katherine finds in the everyday moments of motherhood.

Long-lasting Love

Celebrating Milestones:

Love’s endurance was celebrated in 2019 when Katherine and Josh marked their 12th wedding anniversary. Their relationship, now spanning over 15 years, stands as a testament to the rarity of enduring love in the world of celebrities.

Hollywood’s Enduring Couple:

In an industry known for fleeting romances, Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl have become a beacon of lasting love. Their commitment to each other and their family sets them apart as one of Hollywood’s enduring couples.

FAQs About Josh Kelley

Who is Josh Kelley?

​Josh Kelley is an American singer-songwriter born on January 30, 1980. He is known for his contributions to the pop-rock genre and has produced hits such as “Amazing” and “Only You,” both of which secured spots in the top 10 of Billboard’s Adult Top 40.

What is Josh Kelley’s family background?

Josh Kelley’s family has deep American roots with a mix of Irish, German, and Swiss-German ancestry. His parents played a role in nurturing his early love for music, setting the stage for his musical journey.

What are some of Josh Kelley’s popular songs?

Some of Josh Kelley’s popular songs include “Amazing” and “Only You,” which achieved recognition by securing positions in the top 10 of Billboard’s Adult Top 40.

How many children does Josh Kelley have with Katherine Heigl?

Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl have three children together. Their family includes two adopted daughters, Naleigh (adopted in 2009 from South Korea) and Adalaide (adopted in 2012), and a biological son named Joshua Bishop Kelley Jr. (born in 2016).


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