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Who is Sara Cathcart? Anna Cathcart’s Sister: Uncovering Her Life and Career

Who is Sara Cathcart? Anna Cathcart’s Sister: Uncovering Her Life and Career

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

Meet Sara Cathcart, the older sister of the talented Canadian actress Anna Cathcart. Born five years before Anna, Sara plays a crucial role in Anna’s life. This article dives into Sara’s background, her relationship with Anna, and the supportive family that has been a constant in Anna’s journey to stardom.

Anna Cathcart sister Sara Cathcart
Sara Cathcart
Quick Facts about Sara Cathcart Details
Full Name Sara Cathcart
Birthdate jun 28, 1998
Occupation Not in acting
Age 26 years old
Education N/A
Father Jaime Cathcart
Mother Mamie Cathcart
Siblings Anna Cathcart
Children None (2024)
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Family

Sara Cathcart, like her younger sister Anna, hails from Vancouver, Canada. Born to their parents, Jaime Cathcart and Mamie Cathcart, Sara grew up in a close-knit family. Little is known about the Cathcart parents, but their support for Anna’s acting career is evident through their appearances at public events.

Anna Cathcart with her father and sister SaraAnna Cathcart with her father and sister Sara
Anna with her father and sister Sara

Sisterly Bond

Anna and Sara share a special bond as sisters, a bond that transcends the five-year age gap. Their relationship is more than just family; it’s a friendship evident in the dancing videos and cute moments they often share on social media. Despite Sara not choosing a career in acting like her sister, she remains a constant source of support and pride for Anna.

Public Appearances

The Cathcart family’s unity is apparent in their public appearances. Whether it’s walking down the red carpet or attending industry events, Anna, accompanied by her parents and sister, exudes a sense of togetherness. This family support system has undoubtedly contributed to Anna’s confidence and success in the entertainment industry.

Anna Cathcart's sister and mother
Anna’s sister and mother

Anna Cathcart’s Rise to Fame

Anna Cathcart’s journey in the limelight began at a young age. With her breakthrough role as Agent Olympia in PBS’ “Odd Squad” at just six years old, Anna’s talent quickly garnered attention. Her success continued to soar with roles in popular TV shows and films, including Disney’s “Descendants” series and the widely acclaimed “To All the Boys” film series on Netflix.

The Non-Acting Sister

While Anna pursued a career in acting, Sara chose a different path. Despite not stepping into the acting world, Sara’s role in Anna’s life is undeniable. Her pride in Anna’s achievements is showcased in various social media posts, celebrating her sister’s success in the entertainment industry.

Close-Knit Family Moments

The Cathcart family cherishes moments together, and their genuine closeness is evident in the joyous snapshots shared on social media. From family gatherings to celebratory events, these moments reflect a family that stands united, taking pride in each other’s accomplishments.

Anna Cathcart with sister Sara Cathcart
Anna Cathcart with sister Sara Cathcart

A Supportive Sister

Sara’s support for Anna extends beyond social media posts. Her encouragement and celebration of Anna’s achievements, such as PBS and Disney projects, highlight a sisterly bond that goes beyond the glamour of the entertainment industry. Sara’s pride in Anna’s journey is palpable, emphasizing the strength of their relationship.

The Cathcart Legacy

As Anna Cathcart continues to rise as a young star in the entertainment world, the Cathcart family’s legacy of support and togetherness remains a cornerstone of her success. From the early days of acting auditions to the glitz and glamour of red carpets, Sara Cathcart stands as a testament to the importance of family bonds in navigating the challenges of the entertainment industry.

Anna Cathcart with her sister Sara Cathcart
Anna with her sister Sara

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FAQs About Sara Cathcart

Who is Sara Cathcart?

Sara Cathcart is the older sister of Canadian actress Anna Cathcart. While not involved in acting herself, Sara is known for her close bond with Anna and her supportive role in Anna’s journey to stardom.

What is the age difference between Sara and Anna Cathcart?

Sara Cathcart is five years older than her younger sister, Anna Cathcart.

Where is Sara Cathcart from?

Sara Cathcart, like her sister Anna, is from Vancouver, Canada.

How does Sara Cathcart show support for Anna’s acting career?

Sara Cathcart expresses her support for Anna through social media, sharing posts celebrating Anna’s achievements in the entertainment industry. Despite not being an actress herself, Sara takes pride in Anna’s success.


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