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Mamie Cathcart – Anna Cathcart’s Mother | Know About Her

Mamie Cathcart – Anna Cathcart’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 2, 2024

Anna Cathcart, the rising Canadian actress born on June 16, 2003, in Vancouver, is not just making waves on-screen but is also supported by a loving and supportive family. In the spotlight is Mamie Cathcart, Anna’s mother, who plays a crucial role in the actress’s life and career. Let’s delve into what we know about Mamie Cathcart and her connection to Anna.

Anna Cathcart mother Mamie Cathcart
Mamie Cathcart
Quick Facts About Mamie Cathcart Details
Full Name Mamie Cathcart
Birthdate 1975
Occupation Director of the Richmond Food Bank
Husband/Wife Husband: Jaime Cathcart
Education N/A
Age 49 years and 4 months old
Parents Not Known
Daughter Anna Cathcart
Daughter Sara Cathcart
Net Worth <$1 million

The Supportive Force Behind Anna’s Stardom

Mamie Cathcart stands as a beacon of support in Anna’s journey to stardom. While details about Mamie’s personal life are not extensively known, her unwavering encouragement for Anna’s acting career is undeniable. This support often takes the form of visible appearances alongside Anna at various public events. It’s a heartening display of a mother cheering for her daughter’s success.

Anna Cathcart with her father and sister SaraAnna Cathcart with her father and sister Sara
Anna with her father and sister Sara

The Director of Richmond Food Bank

Mamie Cathcart is not just a supportive mother; she is also a dedicated professional. Serving as the Director of the Richmond Food Bank for over two decades, since 2000, Mamie contributes significantly to the community. Her role in this dynamic hub connecting people, food, and essential services showcases her commitment to the well-being of individuals.

Anna’s Close-Knit Family

The Cathcart family is a close-knit unit. Anna’s parents, Jaime Cathcart and Mamie Cathcart, stand as pillars of support, not only for her but for each other. Despite the fame and recognition that come with Anna’s successful acting career, the family remains grounded and united. This tight bond is evident in their shared moments at public events and showcases the strength of family values.

Anna Cathcart with her mother
Anna Cathcart with her mother

Meet Sara Cathcart – Anna’s Older Sister

Beyond Anna’s parents, the Cathcart family includes an older sister named Sara Cathcart. With a five-year age gap, Anna and Sara share a special bond. The sisters frequently share delightful dancing videos and cute moments on social media, giving us a glimpse into their close relationship. Sara, like the rest of the family, plays a part in the supportive network that surrounds Anna.

Anna Cathcart's sister and mother
Anna’s sister and mother

Life Before the Limelight

Mamie Cathcart’s life before the limelight remains somewhat mysterious. While there isn’t much information about her personal endeavors or background beyond her role at the Richmond Food Bank, it’s evident that she has been a constant source of strength for Anna, especially during her journey into the entertainment industry. The focus on family and support emphasizes the importance of a solid foundation, even in the world of glitz and glamour.

Mamie’s Role in Anna’s Transformative Years

As Anna catapulted into stardom, Mamie Cathcart played a pivotal role in her daughter’s transformative years. Her support became even more apparent when Anna took on significant roles, such as playing Kitty in the popular Netflix movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and its sequels. Mamie’s encouragement has been instrumental in Anna’s success, and her presence at public events reflects the pride and joy she takes in her daughter’s accomplishments.

Anna Cathcart with her mother image
Anna Cathcart with her mother image

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FAQs About Mamie Cathcart 

Who is Mamie Cathcart?

Mamie Cathcart is the mother of Canadian actress Anna Cathcart. While details about her personal life are not extensively known, Mamie is recognized for her supportive role in Anna’s acting career and her position as the Director of the Richmond Food Bank.

What is Mamie Cathcart’s Profession?

Mamie Cathcart is the current Director of the Richmond Food Bank, a position she has held for over two decades since the year 2000. Her dedication to this dynamic hub reflects her commitment to connecting people, food, and essential services for the well-being of individuals in the community.

How Supportive is Mamie Cathcart of Anna’s Career?

Mamie Cathcart is a visibly supportive figure in Anna Cathcart’s journey to stardom. Frequently appearing alongside Anna at public events, Mamie showcases her unwavering encouragement for her daughter’s successful acting career.

Does Mamie Cathcart Have Other Children Besides Anna?

Yes, Mamie Cathcart is a mother of two. Besides Anna, she has an older daughter named Sara Cathcart, who shares a close bond with Anna and often appears in dancing videos and adorable moments on social media.


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