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Uncovering the Life of Joyce Godenzi: Sammo Hung’s Remarkable Wife

Uncovering the Life of Joyce Godenzi: Sammo Hung’s Remarkable Wife

Last updated on: June 17, 2024

Sammo Hung, the martial arts legend, has a remarkable partner by his side—Joyce Godenzi. Let’s dive into some key aspects of Joyce Godenzi‘s life and her connection with the renowned action star.

Sammo Hung with wife Joyce Godenzi image
Sammo Hung with wife Joyce Godenzi image
Quick Facts about Joyce Godenzi Details
Full Name Joyce Godenzi
Birthdate May 28, 1965
Occupation Former Actress
Husband Sammo Hung (married in 1995)
Nationality Chinese, Hong Kong
Age 59 years and 1 months old
TV shows Aries
Daughter Stephanie Hung
Sons Timmy Hung, Jimmy Hung, Tin Chiu Hung
Net Worth $3 million

Early Life and Background

On May 28, 1965, Joyce Godenzi entered the world in Hong Kong. Her roots are in the entertainment business, where her fascinating on-screen persona captivated viewers. Joyce won the title of Miss Hong Kong in 1984, exhibiting her grace and beauty, prior to beginning her acting career.

Sammo Hung' family
Sammo Hung’ family

Acting Career

After winning the prestigious title, Joyce ventured into acting, gracing the screen with her talent. Her notable roles include portraying a police officer seeking revenge in the film “She Shoots Straight” (1990), where she shared the screen with her real-life husband, Sammo Hung.

Personal Life

Joyce’s journey took a significant turn in 1995 when she tied the knot with Sammo Hung, marking the beginning of their enduring companionship. The couple’s relationship is well-known for its familiarity, with Sammo affectionately joking about Joyce being “irritating” during a talk show in 2021.

Family Ties

Joyce Godenzi became an integral part of Sammo Hung’s extensive family. Sammo’s family includes three sons—Timmy, Jimmy, and Tin Chiu—and a daughter named Stephanie. Stephanie, in particular, holds a special place as Sammo’s most favored child. Despite his demanding career, Sammo has found a balance between family and fame.

Sammo Hung with wife Joyce Godenzi
Sammo Hung with wife Joyce Godenzi

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Retirement and Religious Affiliation

After leaving the entertainment scene in 1991, Joyce focused on her family life. She married service engineer Chan Chee Fah in 1992 but later divorced in 1994. Following this, she found lasting happiness with Sammo Hung. Joyce’s personal life extends beyond the screen, as she is a Jehovah’s Witness, having grown up attending services.

Contributions to Sammo’s Well-being

In 2020, Sammo Hung faced health challenges, but thanks to Joyce Godenzi’s care and support, he not only recovered but also looked and felt better. Despite playfully calling her “irritating,” Sammo emphasized that he couldn’t do without her.

FAQs About Joyce Godenzi

Who is Joyce Godenzi?

Joyce Godenzi is a Hong Kong-born actress and the 1984 Miss Hong Kong. She became well-known for her parts in movies like as “She Shoots Straight” (1990). She is also recognized for being Sammo Hung’s wife, a legend in the martial arts.

When was Joyce Godenzi born?

Joyce Godenzi was born on May 28, 1965, in Hong Kong.

What is Joyce Godenzi’s background in the entertainment industry?

After winning the Miss Hong Kong title in 1984, Joyce pursued a career in acting, making a mark with her performances in various films.

Who is Joyce Godenzi married to?

Joyce Godenzi is married to Sammo Hung, a renowned martial arts actor. They tied the knot in 1995.

How many children does Joyce Godenzi have with Sammo Hung?

Joyce Godenzi and Sammo Hung have four children together—three sons named Timmy, Jimmy, Tin Chiu, and a daughter named Stephanie.

What are some of Joyce Godenzi’s notable films?

One of Joyce Godenzi’s notable films is “She Shoots Straight” (1990), where she played a police officer seeking revenge. She shared the screen with her husband, Sammo Hung.

Did Joyce Godenzi retire from acting?

Yes, Joyce Godenzi retired from acting in 1991 to focus on her family life. She married Sammo Hung in 1995.



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