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Stephanie Hung – Sammo Hung’s Daughter | Know About Her

Stephanie Hung – Sammo Hung’s Daughter | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 12, 2024

Stephanie Hung, the daughter of renowned Hong Kong martial arts actor Sammo Hung, has a fascinating journey that combines family ties, career choices, and a touch of showbiz glamour.

Sammy Hung daughter Stephanie Hung
Stephanie Hung
Quick Facts about Stephanie Hung Details
Full Name Chan Yu “Stephanie” Hung
Birthdate 1983
Occupation Entertainment Industry
Husband/Wife N/A
Education Graduated from University
Age 41 years and 4 months old
Father Sammo Hung
Mother Jo Yun Ok, Joyce Godenzi
Siblings Timmy Hung, Jimmy Hung, Sammy Hung
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Roots

Sammo Hung, born on January 7, 1952, in British Hong Kong, hails from Suzhou, Jiangsu province. His parents worked as wardrobe stylists in the local film industry. Stephanie is part of Sammo’s large family, which includes three sons – Timmy, Jimmy, Sammy – and one daughter, Stephanie herself.

Sammo Hung with his first wife Jo Yun Ok
Sammo Hung with his first wife Jo Yun Ok

Early Years

Growing up, Sammo lived with his creative grandparents. Lee Chi Kit, Sammo’s brother, also benefited from the artistic history of his family. With a background in dance, martial arts, and acrobatics, Young Sammo established the foundation for his acting career while attending the China Drama Academy.

Stephanie’s Status as the Favored Child

As his favorite child, Stephanie was born in 1983 and has a special place in Sammo’s heart. After graduating from college, her career path took an unexpected turn, and she started out in the financial sector. She did, however, eventually decide to change careers and enter the entertainment sector.

Sammo Hung' family
Sammo Hung’ family

Career Transition

Stephanie’s audacious choice to switch from banking to entertainment is indicative of her fearlessness. It reflects the early exposure to the arts that her father had, demonstrating a family lineage that combines traditional abilities with contemporary endeavors.

Marriage and Relationships

Sammo Hung’s marital journey is marked by two significant relationships. His first marriage, to Jo Yun Ok, lasted from 1973 to 1994. Following their divorce, Sammo found love again with Joyce Godenzi, whom he married in 1995 and continues to share his life with.

The Sibling Lineup

Stephanie is not alone in the Hung family spotlight. Sammo’s sons, Timmy, Jimmy, and Sammy, have all ventured into the world of acting. Each sibling has carved their path in the entertainment industry, contributing to the family’s collective success.

Timmy Hung: The Actor

Born on July 1, 1974, Timmy has embraced the family’s artistic genes, pursuing a career as an actor. His performances add to the Hung family’s legacy in the film industry.

Sammo Hung son Timmy Hung
Timmy Hung

Jimmy Hung: Following the Footsteps

Jimmy, born on August 5, 1975, is another Hung son making waves in the acting world. The family tradition of martial arts and drama courses through his veins.

Sammo Hung son Jimmy Hung
Jimmy Hung

Sammy Hung: Carrying the Torch

Born on November 15, 1979, Sammy continues the family tradition as an actor. The Hung brothers collectively contribute to the diverse tapestry of Hong Kong cinema.

Sammy Hung son Tin Chiu Hung
Sammy Hung

Stephanie’s Career and Choices

Stephanie’s decision to step into the entertainment industry aligns with her family’s artistic roots. Her journey, from the corporate world to showbiz, reflects a blend of tradition and modernity, echoing the eclectic spirit of the Hung family.

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FAQs About Stephanie Hung

Who is Stephanie Hung?

Sammo Hung, an actor in martial arts from Hong Kong, is the father of Stephanie Hung. She was born in 1983 into a family with a long history in show business.

What is Stephanie’s background?

Stephanie comes from a large family with three brothers, Timmy, Jimmy, and Sammy. Her early life was shaped by her grandfather’s artistic influence, and she holds the distinction of being Sammo Hung’s most favored child.

What was Stephanie’s initial career path?

After completing university, Stephanie initially worked in the banking industry before making a bold career shift to pursue opportunities in the entertainment sector.

Who are Stephanie’s parents?

Stephanie’s father is Sammo Hung, the renowned martial arts actor. and her mother’s name is Jo Yun Ok.


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