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Krishna Shetty – Krithi Shetty’s Father | Know About Him

Krishna Shetty – Krithi Shetty’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 11, 2024

Indian businessman Krishna Shetty is from there. Krithi Shetty, a well-known actress in South Indian cinema, is his daughter. He is from a family from Mangalore, Karnataka, that speaks Tulu. Krishna Shetty’s business dealings are not well known, but he plays a big part in his daughter’s life.

Krithi Shetty's Father Krishna Shetty
Father Krishna Shetty
Quick Facts About Krishna Shetty Details
Full Name Krishna Shetty
Birthdate 1980
Age 44 years and 5 months old
Occupation Businessman
Husband/Wife Neethi Shetty
Place of Residence Mumbai, India
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Daughter: Krithi Shetty
Net worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

A Family Man

Krishna Shetty has a small but close family. He and his wife, Neethi Shetty, have only one child, Krithi Shetty. Neethi Shetty is a fashion designer. Krishna Shetty and his wife raised Krithi in Mumbai, India, where she was born. Though they are from Karnataka, they chose Mumbai as their home.

Krithi Shetty with father Krishna Shetty
Krithi Shetty with father Krishna Shetty

Supportive Parent

Krishna Shetty has always supported his daughter, Krithi Shetty. He encouraged her dreams and stood by her as she pursued her career in acting. Though Krithi originally wanted to be a doctor, she began working in commercials during her school years. This experience led her to become an actress in South Indian films.

A Strong Bond

Krishna Shetty shares a strong bond with his daughter. Krithi Shetty often talks about her family’s support and love. She lives with her parents even though she is a popular actress.

Krithi Shetty's parents
Krithi Shetty’s parents

An Important Role

Krishna Shetty played an important role in Krithi’s success. He encouraged her to chase her dreams and work hard. Even though he is a businessman, he understood that his daughter had different interests. By supporting her acting career, he showed that he is open-minded and caring.

The Quiet Businessman

Krishna Shetty is not in the spotlight like his daughter. He keeps his business life private. There isn’t much information about his work or what type of business he runs. But it’s clear that he has been successful enough to provide for his family and support his daughter’s career.

Life in Mumbai

Mumbai is where Krishna Shetty resides with his family. Despite being from Mangalore, Karnataka, they made the decision to go to Mumbai. It may have been simpler for Krithi to launch her acting career because this city is a significant center for both business and entertainment.

Krithi Shetty with her father Krishna Shetty
Krithi with her father Krishna

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FAQs About Krishna Shetty

Who is Krishna Shetty?

​Krishna Shetty is a businessman from India and the father of Krithi Shetty, a popular South Indian actress. He belongs to a Tulu-speaking family from Mangalore, Karnataka.

What does Krishna Shetty do for a living?

Krishna Shetty is a businessman. However, there isn’t much public information about the specific type of business he is involved in.

How many children does Krishna Shetty have?

Krishna Shetty has only one child, Krithi Shetty, who is a successful actress in South Indian films.

Who is Krishna Shetty’s wife?

Krishna Shetty’s wife is Neethi Shetty, a fashion designer. She and Krishna Shetty have raised their daughter Krithi Shetty together in Mumbai, India.

Where does Krishna Shetty’s family live?

Krishna Shetty and his family live in Mumbai, India. Although their roots are in Mangalore, Karnataka, they chose to settle in Mumbai.


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