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Neethi Shetty – Krithi Shetty’s Mother | Know About Her

Neethi Shetty – Krithi Shetty’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 9, 2024

Krithi Shetty, a well-known Indian actress, is the daughter of Neethi Shetty. She has a significant impact on the life and career of her daughter. Neethi has a distinct sense of style and works as a fashion designer. The businessman Krishna Shetty is her husband. They become a close-knit family as a unit.

Krithi Shetty's Mother Neethi Shetty
Mother Neethi Shetty
Quick Facts About Neethi Shetty Information
Full Name Neethi Shetty
Birthdate 1980
Occupation Fashion Designer
Husband/Wife Krishna Shetty (Businessman)
Education N/A
Age 44 years and 5 months old
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Daughter: Krithi Shetty
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life and Family

Although Neethi Shetty resides in Mumbai, her roots are in Mangalore, Karnataka. Krithi Shetty is her daughter with her spouse. From day one, Neethi has been a devoted mother. She exhorts her daughter to pursue her aspirations. At a young age, Krithi became a well-known actor because to this encouragement.

Krithi Shetty with mother Neethi Shetty
Krithi Shetty with mother Neethi Shetty

Neethi’s Role in Krithi’s Career

Neethi Shetty has always encouraged Krithi’s interest in acting. She took her to auditions and was there to guide her through difficult times. Because of Neethi’s support, Krithi got her first big break in the film industry. Neethi also helps her daughter manage her career, making sure everything goes smoothly.

A Close Relationship

Krithi Shetty shares a strong bond with her mother, Neethi. They often spend time together, sharing laughs and having fun. Neethi is not just a mother to Krithi, but also a friend and advisor. Krithi often shares photos of herself with her mother on social media, showing their close relationship.

Krithi Shetty's parents
Krithi Shetty’s parents

Neethi’s Career as a Fashion Designer

Besides being a supportive mother, Neethi Shetty is also a fashion designer. She has her own style and knows how to create beautiful clothes. This talent might have influenced Krithi’s fashion sense too. Neethi’s creativity in fashion adds another layer to her identity.

The Family’s Support for Krithi

The success of Krithi Shetty is a collective effort. Krithi’s decisions are consistently supported by Neethi and her spouse, Krishna. They are aware of how difficult acting can be. They support Krithi and stick by her side despite these obstacles. Their family is unique because of this support.

Neethi’s Role in Family Life

Neethi Shetty provides stability for the household. She makes sure everyone is content and looks after the house. Neethi is a devoted mother and professional, as evidenced by the way she balances her career and personal life. Krithi benefits from this balance since it keeps her focused on her work and allows her to enjoy her family life.

Krithi Shetty with her mother Neethi Shetty
Krithi with her mother Neethi

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FAQs About Neethi Shetty

Who is Neethi Shetty?

Neethi Shetty is the mother of Krithi Shetty, a popular Indian actress. She is a fashion designer by profession and is known for her unique sense of style.

What is Neethi Shetty’s profession?

Designer of fashions Neethi Shetty. mom daughter Krithi Shetty’s sense of style may have been impacted by mom as she possesses an excellent sense of style and design.

Where does Neethi Shetty live?

Neethi Shetty lives in Mumbai, India, with her husband Krishna Shetty and their daughter Krithi Shetty. The family has roots in Mangalore, Karnataka.

Who is Neethi Shetty’s husband?

Krishna Shetty is a businessman and the spouse of Neethi Shetty. Krithi Shetty, a well-known actress in Indian cinema, is their daughter together.


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