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Max Darnton – Alexandra Felstead’s Husband | Know About Him

Max Darnton – Alexandra Felstead’s Husband | Know About Him

Are you curious about Alexandra Felstead, better known as Binky, and her husband Max Darnton? Let’s dive into the details and get to know more about this couple.

Alexandra Felstead's husband max Darnton
Alexandra Felstead’s husband max Darnton
Quick Facts about Max Darnton
Full Name: Max Darnton
Birthdate: 1989
Occupation: N/A
Husband/Wife: Alexandra Felstead (Binky)
Education: N/A
Age: 34 years and 11 months old
Children: Daughter: India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson
Son: Wolfie Felstead
Son: Wilder Felstead
Net Worth: $1 million

Meet Max Darnton: Alexandra’s Other Half

Max Darnton entered Alexandra Felstead’s life, and they sealed their love in 2021. Since then, they’ve been on a journey together, sharing joyous moments and building a family.

Alexandra Felstead with her boyfriend Max Darnton
Alexandra with her husband Max Darnton

Family Ties: Alexandra’s Roots

Alexandra, or Binky, comes from a family with strong ties. Roger Felstead is her father and brings money into the family. Jane Felstead is her mother and makes the family feel good. There is an older sister named Anna-Louise and an older brother named Oliver in the Felstead family.

The Little Ones: Children in the Felstead-Darnton Household

They had a girl named India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson in June 2017, which brought them a lot of happiness. Binky embraced motherhood at 26, and India became the apple of her eye.

Alexandra Felstead with her family
Alexandra Felstead with her family

Adding to the happiness, there’s also a son in the family, although his name remains a mystery. The Felstead-Darnton home is filled with the laughter and love of their precious little ones.

The Union: Max and Binky’s Wedding

Max Darnton and Binky embarked on the journey of marriage in 2021. They got married in a small civil wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall, with family and friends there to support them. They made their love public, turning their new love into happiness as newlyweds.

Alexandra Felstead with husband Max Darnton
Alexandra Felstead with husband Max Darnton

But that’s not the end of their love story. In July 2021, Binky Felstead and Max Darnton got married for the second time in a beautiful wedding in Corfu. The author Lawrence Durrell and his wife Nancy used to live on Corfu, where the beautiful ceremony took place. This added a bit of class to their love story.

The Second Chapter: A Durrell Home Affair

In August 2022, Max Darnton and Binky Felstead got married again at the Durrell family home on Corfu. This was the second time they were married. The couple renewed their vows to each other in front of love and a few famous guests, including their children, Wolfie and India.

Max Darnton and Alexandra Felstead babys
Max Darnton and Alexandra Felstead babys

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Max Darnton: The Man Behind the Scenes

While much is known about Alexandra Felstead, Max Darnton keeps a lower profile. Despite the limelight, he stands as a strong support in Binky’s life, sharing the joys of parenting and marital bliss.

FAQs About Max Darnton

Who is Max Darnton?

Max Darnton is the husband of Alexandra Felstead, widely known as Binky. They got married in 2021 and have since become a celebrated couple.

When did Max Darnton and Binky Felstead get married?

Max Darnton and Binky Felstead had an intimate civil ceremony at Chelsea Old Town Hall in August 2021. They later celebrated a destination wedding in Corfu in July 2021 and a second wedding at the Durrells’ Corfu home in August 2022.

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