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Meet Wilder Felstead: The Adorable Son of Reality Star Alexandra Felstead

Meet Wilder Felstead: The Adorable Son of Reality Star Alexandra Felstead

Last updated on: June 20, 2024

Meet Wilder Felstead, the newest addition to the Felstead family. Alexandra Felstead, better known as Binky, and her husband Max Darnton welcomed their daughter Wilder into the world on April 15, 2023. She makes them happy and curious.

Wilder Felstead with mother Alexandra Felstead
Wilder Felstead with mother Alexandra Felstead
Quick Facts About Wilder Felstead Details
Full Name Wilder Felstead
Birthdate April 15, 2023
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife N/A (Child)
Age 1 years and 2 months old
Parents Mother: Alexandra Felstead (Binky)
Father: Max Darnton
Siblings Sister: India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson
Brother: Wolfie Felstead

Family Ties

Alexandra Felstead’s family is a close-knit unit. Her father, Roger Felstead, is a businessman. Jane Felstead, her mother, completes the family picture. Alexandra has two siblings – an older sister, Anna-Louise Felstead, and an older brother, Oliver Felstead. This tight family bond lays the foundation for Wilder’s upbringing.

Alexandra Felstead with her family
Alexandra Felstead with her family

Max Darnton – The Supportive Husband

Alex Darnton came into her life in 2021 and married her. He also became Wilder’s father. Their trip together adds another layer to the story of the Felstead family and promises love and support for the new member.

Siblings and Precious Moments

Before Wilder, Alexandra made India feel welcome. Felstead-Patterson on June 12, 2017, when she was 26 years old. India’s arrival was a big change in Binky’s life; it brought her both joy and responsibility as a mother. Even though Wilder’s bigger brother hasn’t been named yet, each child in the Felstead family adds something special to the whole.

The Mysterious Older Brother

The Felstead family is full of secrets. Binky’s older son is one of them, and no one has yet said what his name is. For the sake of privacy, the family has kept information about this child secret.

Wilder’s Arrival – A Bundle of Joy

Wilder made his grand entrance into the world on April 15, 2023, at 10:45 pm. Binky told many news sites about the happy news, expressing her happiness at having a baby boy. Wolfie and India, Wilder’s siblings, and the rest of the Felstead family are thrilled about this new episode.

Wilder’s Unique Name

Binky Felstead has a knack for choosing distinctive names for her children. While Wilder’s older brother’s name remains undisclosed, India and Wolfie already showcase the Felstead flair for unique names. The choice of names reflects the family’s individuality and creativity.

Alexandra Felstead's Son Wilder Felstead
Alexandra Felstead’s Son Wilder Felstead

Meaningful Connections

Every name in the Felstead family has a story. Great Britain When Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson was born on June 12, 2017, things changed for Binky. The meaning of Wilder’s name has not been revealed yet, which adds a sense of suspense to the Felstead family story.

Growing Up Felstead

As Wilder starts his trip in the Felstead home, he is surrounded by love and laughter. He joins a family that values being together and enjoys every moment. With their special mix of old and new, the Felsteads make a place where every child can grow and succeed.

Binky’s Journey to Motherhood

People have seen Binky’s journey into motherhood on TV, on social media, and in talks. She is honest about the good and bad parts of being a parent, which makes her a relatable figure in the world of famous parenting.

Alexandra Felstead with her husband Max Darnton
Alexandra with her husband Max Darnton

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FAQs About Wilder Felstead

Who are Wilder Felstead’s Parents?

Wilder Felstead’s parents are Alexandra Felstead, commonly known as Binky, and her husband Max Darnton. Binky is a former Made In Chelsea star, and Max is her supportive husband.

When Was Wilder Felstead Born?

Wilder Felstead was born on April 15, 2023, at 10:45 pm, as announced by his mother Binky through various media channels.

Does Wilder Have Siblings?

Yes, Wilder has siblings. His older sister is India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson, born on June 12, 2017, and he also has an older brother is Wolfie Felstead.

Who Are Wilder Felstead’s Grandparents?

Wilder’s paternal grandfather is Roger Felstead, a businessman, and his paternal grandmother is Jane Felstead. Further details about his maternal grandparents are not explicitly mentioned in the provided information.

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