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Who is Michael Kessler? Randy Orton’s Step-Son: Uncovering His Life and Connection to WWE

Who is Michael Kessler? Randy Orton’s Step-Son: Uncovering His Life and Connection to WWE

Last updated on: June 17, 2024

Randy Orton, the renowned WWE wrestler, has a family deeply rooted in the world of professional wrestling. While many are familiar with his father, Bob Orton Jr., and his grandfather, Bob Orton Sr., not everyone may be aware of the extended family, including his step-son Michael Kessler. In this article, we will take a closer look at Michael Kessler and his role in the Orton family.

Randy Orton step-son Michael Kessler
Michael Kessler
Quick Facts about Michael Kessler Details
Full Name Michael Kessler
Birthdate N/A
Age 15+ (2024)
Husband/Wife Single (as of 2024)
Education N/A
Father Randy Orton
Mother Kim Marie Kessler
Sister Alanna Marie Orton, Brooklyn Rose Orton
Brother Anthony Kessler, Rob Kessler
Net Worth <$1 million

The Orton Family Legacy

Randy Orton’s family boasts an impressive wrestling legacy. His father, Bob Orton Jr., and grandfather, Bob Orton Sr., were both accomplished professional wrestlers. Additionally, his uncle, Barry Orton, continued the family tradition. Randy has two brothers, Nathan and Roderick, and a younger sister named Rebecca.

Randy Orton Family
Randy Orton Family

Randy’s Marriages

Randy Orton has been married twice. His first marriage was to Samantha Speno, and they share a daughter named Alanna Marie Orton. After parting ways with Samantha, Randy found love again with Kimberly Marie Kessler, also known as Kim Orton. Kim brought three sons from her previous marriage into the family – Michael, Antony, and Rob.

Meet Michael Kessler

Michael Kessler is one of Randy Orton’s step-sons, adopted by the wrestling superstar after marrying Kim Marie Kessler in 2015. The Orton family expanded to include Kim’s three sons, making them an inseparable part of Randy’s life.

The Siblings and the Blended Family

Apart from Michael, Randy and Kim’s blended family includes Anthony Kessler and Rob Kessler. Together with Randy’s biological daughter Alanna Marie Orton and their shared daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton, born in 2016, they form a unique and loving family unit.

Randy Orton's 5 Children
Randy Orton’s 5 Children

Kim Marie Kessler – A Key Figure

In addition to being a wife and mother, Kim Marie Kessler, better known as Kim Orton, is an important member of the family. Before they met, Kim was a fan of Randy Orton and a frequent watcher of WWE. She later became a vital part of Randy’s life, adding her own charm to the Orton household.

Randy Orton’s Children – A Brood of Five

Randy Orton has five kids in all, making his family a busy and varied one. Alanna Marie and Brooklyn Rose, his children, and Rob Kessler, Anthony Kessler, and Michael, his stepsons, are on the roster. This mix of biological and adopted kids is a testament to the depth of relationships between families that transcend genetic ties.

5 kids of Randy Orton
5 kids of Randy Orton

Michael Kessler – A Step into Wrestling Royalty

As a step-son of Randy Orton, Michael Kessler steps into the limelight not just as a member of the Orton family but also as part of wrestling royalty. Growing up in an environment deeply connected to the wrestling world, Michael is likely to absorb the essence of the sport that runs in the Orton veins.

Family Values and Support

In the Orton household, family values take center stage. The supportive environment created by Randy, Kim, and the siblings fosters a sense of unity and belonging. Whether cheering for each other in wrestling matches or celebrating personal victories, the Orton family exemplifies the importance of standing together.

Randy Orton with wife Kim Marie Kessler
Randy Orton with wife Kim Marie Kessler

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FAQs About Michael Kessler

Who is Michael Kessler?

Michael Kessler is one of the step-sons of WWE superstar Randy Orton. He became part of the Orton family through Randy’s marriage to Kimberly Marie Kessler.

How is Michael Kessler related to Randy Orton?

Michael Kessler is Randy Orton’s step-son. Randy adopted Michael and his two brothers, Antony and Rob, when he married Kimberly Marie Kessler in 2015.

How many siblings does Michael Kessler have?

Michael Kessler has two siblings, Anthony Kessler and Rob Kessler. Together, they form the trio of step-brothers in the Orton family.

When did Randy Orton adopt Michael Kessler?

Randy Orton adopted Michael Kessler when he married Kimberly Marie Kessler on November 14, 2015.

What is the relationship between Michael Kessler and Randy Orton’s other children?

Michael Kessler shares a familial relationship with Randy Orton’s other children, including Alanna Marie Orton, Randy’s daughter from his first marriage, and Brooklyn Rose Orton, his daughter with Kimberly Marie Kessler.


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