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Brooklyn Rose Orton – Randy Orton’s Daughter | Know About Her

Brooklyn Rose Orton – Randy Orton’s Daughter | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 18, 2024

Meet Brooklyn Rose Orton, the adorable daughter of the legendary WWE superstar Randy Orton and his wife, Kim Marie Kessler. Born on November 22, 2016, in St. Charles, Missouri, Brooklyn Rose has become a sweet addition to the Orton family.

Randy Orton daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton
Brooklyn Rose Orton
Quick Facts about Brooklyn Rose Orton Details
Full Name: Brooklyn Rose Orton
Birthdate: November 22, 2016
Occupation: N/A
Husband/Wife: N/A
Education: Attends elementary school
Age: 7 years and 6 months old
Parents: Randy Orton (Father)
Kim Marie Kessler (Mother)
Siblings: Alanna Marie (Half-sister)
Half-Brothers: Michael Kessler, Rob Kessler, Anthony KesslerĀ 
Children: None (2024)
Net Worth: N/A (Child)

Family Legacy in Wrestling

Brooklyn Rose Orton comes from a family deeply rooted in the world of professional wrestling. Her grandfather, Bob Orton Sr., her father’s father, and her great uncle, Barry Orton, were both wrestling stars. The Orton wrestling legacy also includes Randy’s father, Bob Orton Jr., who contributed to the family’s rich history in the squared circle.

Randy and his daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton image.
Randy and his daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton image.

Randy Orton’s Marriages and Siblings

Randy Orton, Brooklyn Rose’s father, has walked down the aisle twice. His first marriage was to Samantha Speno, and from this union, Brooklyn Rose gained an elder half-sister named Alanna Marie. After his first marriage, Randy found love again with Kim Marie Kessler, whom he married in 2015. Kim brought three sons from her previous marriage into the family: Michael, Antony, and Rob, all of whom Randy adopted. Together, Randy and Kim share Brooklyn Rose Orton, the youngest member of their blended family.

Randy Orton’s Immediate Family

Brooklyn Rose’s immediate family is a close-knit group. Randy’s parents are Bob Orton Jr. and Elaine Orton. She has two brothers, Nathan and Roderick, and a sister named Becky Orton Lampe. The family bond is evident in the way they support each other in their various endeavors.

Randy Orton Family
Randy Orton Family

Brooklyn’s Birth and Early Years

Brooklyn Rose Orton made her debut on November 22, 2016, weighing a healthy 8 pounds. She was born in St. Charles, Missouri, and from the beginning, she became the apple of her parents’ eyes. Her early years have been filled with love and warmth, surrounded by her siblings and the wrestling world that her family is deeply connected to.

Life as the Youngest Orton

As the youngest member of the Orton family, Brooklyn Rose enjoys a life filled with love, laughter, and, of course, some wrestling excitement. She attends elementary school and often accompanies her family to her father’s WWE events, where she receives special attention from the crowd, especially on her birthday.

Blended Family Dynamics

Brooklyn Rose is a part of a blended family, and her parents, Randy and Kim, showcase the beauty of love that goes beyond blood relations. With three stepbrothers from Kim’s previous marriage and a stepsister from Randy’s first marriage, the Orton household is a lively and diverse family unit.

Randy Orton's 5 Children
Randy Orton’s 5 Children

Moments Shared on Social Media

While Brooklyn Rose doesn’t have her own social media accounts, her parents, especially her mom Kim, regularly share glimpses of her life on their respective platforms. From birthdays to special occasions, fans get to witness the joy and love that define Brooklyn Rose’s upbringing.

Randy’s Admiration for His Youngest Daughter

Randy Orton’s admiration for his youngest daughter shines through in various interviews and social media posts. He often expresses pride in Brooklyn Rose, showcasing the deep bond they share as father and daughter. Despite his tough exterior in the wrestling ring, Randy’s softer side comes out when he talks about his family.

Randy Orton with wife Kim Marie Kessler
Randy Orton with wife Kim Marie Kessler

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FAQs About Brooklyn Rose Orton

Who is Brooklyn Rose Orton?

Brooklyn Rose Orton is the youngest daughter of WWE superstar Randy Orton and his wife, Kim Marie Kessler. She was born on November 22, 2016, in St. Charles, Missouri.

How many siblings does Brooklyn Rose have?

Brooklyn Rose has four siblings. She has three half-brothers named Michael, Robbie, and Anthony Kessler from her mother’s first marriage, and an elder half-sister named Alanna Marie from her father’s first marriage to Samantha Speno.

Where was Brooklyn Rose Orton born?

Brooklyn Rose Orton was born in St. Charles, Missouri, United States.


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