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Becky Orton Lampe – Randy Orton’s Sister | Know About Her

Becky Orton Lampe – Randy Orton’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 21, 2024

Becky Orton Lampe holds a special place in the world of professional wrestling as the sister of the famed American wrestler and actor, Randy Orton. Let’s dive into the life of this remarkable woman and explore the key facets that define her identity.

Randy Orton sister Becky Lampe
Becky Lampe
Quick Facts about Becky Orton Lampe Details
Full Name Becky Orton Lampe
Birthdate 1975
Occupation American Nurse
Age 49 years and 5 months old
Mother Elaine Orton
Father Bob Orton Jr.
Brother Roderick Orton
Brother Randy Orton
Brother Nathan Orton
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Legacy in Wrestling

The Orton family has a long and illustrious history in wrestling. Both Bob Orton Sr., Randy Orton’s grandpa, and father, Bob Orton Jr., were accomplished professional wrestlers. With her brother Randy being a well-known personality in the wrestling community, Becky Orton Lampe is a member of this illustrious wrestling family.

Randy and his brother and sister and his father image.
Randy and his brother and sister and his father image.

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Siblings and Extended Family

Becky’s wrestling adventure is not her only one. The Orton family is a close-knit group that is heavily involved in the world of professional wrestling because she is related to both brothers, Nathan and Roderick. The Orton family’s legendary ties to the world of wrestling are further enhanced by the fact that their legacy also includes an uncle, Barry Orton.

Becky’s Professional Endeavors

Amidst her triumph in wrestling, Becky Orton Lampe has distinguished herself as an American nurse. While her competitors in wrestling take center stage, Becky makes a positive impact on society as a healthcare professional.

Randy Orton mother Elaine Orton
Elaine Orton

Randy Orton’s Marital Journey

Randy Orton’s life unfolds with intriguing chapters, including his marital journey. His first marriage to Samantha Speno resulted in a daughter named Alanna Marie Orton. Following this, Randy entered into matrimony with Kimberly Marie Kessler, also known as Kim Orton, in 2015.

A Blended Family

Kim Orton brought three sons from a previous marriage – Michael, Antony, and Rob – into the Orton family. Remarkably, Randy embraced these boys as his own, creating a blended family dynamic. Together with Kim, Randy welcomed a daughter named Brooklyn Rose Orton in 2016, completing their familial picture.

Becky’s Role in the Orton Family

As Randy Orton’s sister, Becky plays an integral role in the family’s support system. While Randy dazzles audiences in the ring, Becky’s life as a nurse showcases the diverse talents and contributions within the Orton clan. The family’s unity and support for one another are evident in their collective journey.

Randy Orton’s Children

The Orton household is bustling with the energy of five children. Randy and Kim’s children include Brooklyn Rose Orton, Alanna Marie Orton, and the three stepsons – Michael Kessler, Anthony Kessler, and Rob Kessler. This lively family dynamic adds a personal touch to Randy Orton’s larger-than-life wrestling persona.

FAQs About Becky Orton Lampe

Who is Becky Orton Lampe?

Becky Orton Lampe is the sister of the renowned American professional wrestler and actor, Randy Orton. She is a member of the Orton family, which has a significant history in professional wrestling.

What is Becky Orton Lampe’s Profession?

Becky Orton Lampe is an American nurse by profession, contributing to the healthcare field.

Who are Becky Orton Lampe’s Siblings?

Becky Orton Lampe has two brothers, Nathan and Roderick, and a younger sister named Rebecca, who is also known as Becky.


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