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Meet Ninette Thomson: Lily James’ Mother – A Glimpse into Her Life

Meet Ninette Thomson: Lily James’ Mother – A Glimpse into Her Life

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

Lily James, the talented English actress, credits much of her success to her family’s strong connection to the world of performing arts. At the heart of this creative household is Lily’s mother, Ninette Thomson, a woman with a background in acting. Let’s dive into the world of Ninette Thomson and learn more about the woman behind the scenes.

Lily James with mother Ninette Thomson
Lily James with mother Ninette Thomson
Quick Facts about Ninette Thomson
Full Name Ninette Mantle
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Actress
Husband/Wife Husband: Jamie Thomson
Education N/A
Age 60+ (as of 2023)
Children Daughter: Lily James
Son: Charlie Thomson
Son: Sam Thomson
Net Worth <$1 million

Creative Roots in Esher, Surrey

Ninette Thomson, born Ninette Mantle, hails from Esher, Surrey, England. Her family comes from France, and because of events in the past, she moved from living in a French village to Paris part of her trip. These diverse experiences likely influenced the creative atmosphere in Lily James’ upbringing.

Lily James' Father Jamie Thomson
Lily James’ Father Jamie Thomson

A Family Steeped in the Arts

Ninette is not the only artist in the family. James “Jamie” Thomson, Lily’s dad, was a singer, and the two of them made their house full of unique art. This was without a doubt one of the most important things that Lily learned about acting and creativity as a child.

Siblings and a Close-Knit Family

Lily James shares her creative background with two brothers, Charlie and Sam. This group of three siblings shows a close-knit family, with each person adding to the artistic tapestry of their upbringing. Charley, the older brother, and Sam, the younger brother, make a good family unit that probably helped Lily become famous.

Lily james brothers
Lily james brothers

Generational Artistic Heritage

The artistic flair in the Thomson family extends beyond Ninette and Jamie. Lily James’ paternal grandmother, Helen Horton, was an American actress. This shows an interesting link between generations in the entertainment business. It seems that Lily’s family has a history of playing going back at least two generations. Having an actress grandmother as a grandmother adds a unique depth to Lily James’ artistic background.

Tragic Loss and a Meaningful Tribute

In 2008, Lily James faced the loss of her father, Jamie Thomson, who succumbed to cancer. This poignant event in Lily’s life led her to adopt her father’s first name as her stage name. It’s a touching tribute that reflects the deep bond between father and daughter, showcasing the lasting impact Jamie had on Lily’s life and career choices.

A Loving Mother-Daughter Bond

On social media, Lily James often shows hints of her close friendship with Ninette. There was a very sweet Instagram post that showed Lily and her mother walking together. This public showing of love between the actress and her mother shows how close they are and how much support and love she has always had in her life.

The Role of Family in Lily’s Success

The influence of Ninette Thomson’s background in acting, coupled with the musical talents of Jamie Thomson, created an environment that nurtured Lily James’ passion for the arts. This familial support and shared creative spirit likely played a pivotal role in Lily’s decision to pursue a career in acting, leading to her notable works in films like “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” “Baby Driver,” and “Cinderella.”

Lily James with mother
Lily James with mother

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FAQs About Ninette Thomson

Who is Ninette Thomson?

Ninette Thomson, born Ninette Mantle, is the mother of English actress and model Lily James. She has a background in acting and has played a significant role in shaping Lily James’ upbringing in a creative and artistic environment.

Where was Ninette Thomson born?

Ninette Thomson was born in Esher, Surrey, England.

What is Ninette Thomson’s heritage?

Ninette Thomson has French descent. She spent part of her life in a French village before migrating to Paris due to historical circumstances.

What is Ninette Thomson’s profession?

Ninette Thomson is an actress, contributing to the artistic atmosphere within the Thomson family.

Who is Ninette Thomson’s husband?

Ninette Thomson was married to James “Jamie” Thomson, a musician. Unfortunately, Jamie Thomson passed away in 2008.

How many children does Ninette Thomson have?

Ninette Thomson has three children. Lily James is the middle child, with an older brother named Charlie and a younger brother named Sam.

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