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Who is Lucas Lerman? Logan Lerman’s Brother: Uncovering His Life and Career

Who is Lucas Lerman? Logan Lerman’s Brother: Uncovering His Life and Career

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

Logan Lerman, the talented actor from Beverly Hills, California, is not alone in his journey through the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Meet his older brother, Lucas Lerman, a key figure in Logan’s life and the Lerman family dynamic.

Logan Lerman brother Lucas Lerman
Lucas Lerman
Quick Facts about Lucas Lerman
Full Name Lucas Lerman
Birthdate N/A
Age 35+ (as of 2023)
Husband/Wife Not Known
Parents Lisa Goldman (mother)
Larry Lerman (father)
Marilyn Silver Lerman (stepmother)
Siblings Logan Lerman (younger brother)
Lindsey Lerman Neyman (older sister)
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Roots in Beverly Hills

In Beverly Hills, California, the Lerman family has deep roots. Logan, the son of Lisa (née Goldman) and Larry Lerman, is part of this close-knit group. His parents, who share precious moments together, play significant roles in his life.

Logan Lerman with siblings Lucas and Lindsey
Logan Lerman with siblings Lucas and Lindsey

Larry Lerman – Businessman and Orthotist

Logan’s father, Larry Lerman, wears multiple hats. He is a trader, but he is also an orthotist, which means that he makes orthopedic devices. Larry is a man with many skills who helps the family with both their business and their medical needs.

Lisa Lerman – The Manager

Lisa (née Goldman), Logan’s mother, is not just a mom but also his manager. Picture a dynamic duo where the bond goes beyond family; it extends to the professional realm. This unique family dynamic adds a layer of closeness to Logan’s career.

Logan Lerman parents Larry and Lisa take photo together while her daughter Lindsey's marriage
Logan Lerman parents Larry and Lisa

Lindsey Lerman Neyman – Older Sister

Logan has an older sister named Lindsey Lerman Neyman. She is married to David Neyman already. Their family book has pictures of happy times, like Logan and Lindsey smiling together, which shows how close they are as siblings.

Lucas Lerman – The Older Brother

Enter Lucas Lerman, Logan’s older brother, a figure who has been a part of Logan’s life since the beginning. Logan’s life is held together by the fun they share, the brotherly bond they share, and the support Lucas gives him.

Marilyn Silver Lerman – Stepmother

Family dynamics sometimes extend beyond the immediate circle. Larry Lerman‘s remarriage to Marilyn Silver Lerman brings a stepmother into the picture. The family book shows times when everyone gets together, making a blended family that loves and connects with each other.

Logan Lerman father and stepmother Marilyn Silver Lerman
Father Larry and stepmother Marilyn Silver Lerman

Lerman & Son – A Family Business

The Lerman family isn’t just connected by blood; they share a professional tie as well. The family operates Lerman & Son, an orthotics and prosthetics company. This business, founded by their great-grandfather Jacob Lerman, exemplifies the family’s dedication to the medical field.

Lucas in the Family Portrait

Flip through the family photo album, and you’ll spot Lucas Lerman right beside Logan. The bond between the brothers is evident in every snapshot. From casual outings to more formal events, Lucas is a constant presence, reinforcing the idea that family is at the heart of Logan’s journey.

An Insight into Logan’s World

Understanding Lucas Lerman offers a glimpse into Logan’s world beyond the silver screen. Logan is the star of Hollywood, but Lucas is there for him and helps him through it all. The dedication of Logan’s family to each other and their shared professional pursuits make his life stand out.

Logan Lerman with his father and brother
Logan with his father and brother

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FAQs About Lucas Lerman

Who is Lucas Lerman?

Lucas Lerman is the older brother of actor Logan Lerman. He is part of the Lerman family, known for their connections to the orthotics and prosthetics business.

Who are Lucas Lerman’s siblings?

Lucas Lerman has two siblings. Logan Lerman is his younger brother, known for his acting career. Lindsey Lerman Neyman is his older sister, who is married to David Neyman.

How would you describe Lucas Lerman’s relationship with Logan Lerman?

The information suggests a close and supportive relationship between Lucas and Logan Lerman. They are pictured together at various events, emphasizing a strong sibling bond.

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