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Who is Lindsey Lerman? Logan Lerman’s Sister: Uncovering Her Life and Career

Who is Lindsey Lerman? Logan Lerman’s Sister: Uncovering Her Life and Career

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

If you’re a fan of Logan Lerman, the talented actor from movies like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” you might be curious about his family. Let’s shine a spotlight on Lindsey Lerman, Logan’s older sister, and uncover a bit more about her world.

Logan Lerman sister Lindsey
Quick Facts about Lindsey Lerman
Full Name Lindsey Lerman
Birthdate N/A
Age 35+ (as of 2023)
Husband/Wife Married to David Neyman
Parents Father: Larry Lerman
Mother: Lisa Goldman
Stepmother: Marilyn Silver Lerman
Siblings Brother: Logan Lerman
Brother: Lucas Lerman
Net Worth <$1 million

Meet the Lerman Family:

Logan Lerman is a TV and movie star, but he also comes from a close family in Beverly Hills, California. His mom, Lisa, controls his career in show business, and his dad, Larry, runs a successful business in the field of orthotics and prosthetics.

Logan Lerman with siblings Lucas and Lindsey
Logan Lerman with siblings Lucas and Lindsey

Sisterly Ties:

Lindsey Lerman is Logan’s older sister, and family is a big deal for them. They share moments captured in photos, like the one where Logan is seen with Lindsey during her marriage to David Neyman.

Lindsey’s Other Half:

Lindsey found her forever person in David Neyman. The two tied the knot, marking a joyous occasion for the Lerman family. Photos of the family together show the love and warmth they share.

Logan’s Siblings Squad:

Besides Lindsey, Logan has another sibling, Lucas Lerman, his older brother. The trio – Logan, Lindsey, and Lucas – create a tight siblings squad, supporting each other through life’s journey.

The Lerman Business Legacy:

The Lerman family isn’t just about the glitz of Hollywood. They have a business legacy too. Family business Lerman & Son has been around since Logan’s great-grandfather, Jacob Lerman. It makes orthotics and limbs.

Logan Lerman parents Larry and Lisa take photo together while her daughter Lindsey's marriage
Logan Lerman parents Larry and Lisa

Larry Lerman – The Dad Factor:

Larry Lerman, Logan’s father, is more than just a dad; he’s a businessman and orthotist. His role in the family’s business underscores the generational success of Lerman & Son.

The Mom and Stepmom Duo:

Logan’s mom, Lisa, plays a crucial role as his manager, handling the ins and outs of his professional world. Marilyn Silver Lerman, Logan’s stepmom, adds another layer of love to the family dynamic.

Logan Lerman father and stepmother Marilyn Silver Lerman
Father Larry and stepmother Marilyn Silver Lerman

Lindsey in the Limelight:

While Logan basks in the limelight of Hollywood, Lindsey keeps a lower profile. Yet, her presence at family events and her marriage reveal a glimpse into her life.

Family Bonding Moments:

The Lerman family isn’t just about business and glamour; it’s about bonding moments too. The Lermans show what a close-knit family they are by enjoying holidays and going to events together.

A Family Rooted in Tradition:

The Lermans aren’t just a modern-day family; they’re rooted in tradition. From business ventures to celebrating life events, they carry forward the values of their ancestors.

Logan Nerman with sister Lindsey Lerman Neyman
Logan with sister Lindsey Neyman

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FAQs About Lindsey Lerman

Who is Lindsey Lerman?

Lindsey Lerman is the older sister of Hollywood actor Logan Lerman. She is a part of the Lerman family, known for their involvement in the orthotics and prosthetics business.

When did Lindsey Lerman get married?

Lindsey Lerman got married to David Neyman. Unfortunately, the exact date of their wedding is not known.

How many siblings does Lindsey Lerman have?

Lindsey Lerman has two siblings: Logan Lerman, the well-known actor, and Lucas Lerman, her older brother.

Who are Lindsey Lerman’s parents?

Lindsey Lerman’s parents are Lisa (née Goldman) and Larry Lerman. Lisa serves as Logan Lerman’s manager, while Larry is a businessman and orthotist.

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