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Lisa Goldman – Logan Lerman’s Mother | Know About Her

Lisa Goldman – Logan Lerman’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 21, 2024

Logan Lerman, the talented actor, owes much of his success to the support and guidance of his mother, Lisa Goldman. Let’s delve into the life of Lisa and uncover the details that make her a significant figure in Logan’s journey.

Logan Lerman with mother Lisa Lerman
Logan Lerman with mother Lisa Lerman
Quick Facts About Lisa Ann Goldman Information
Full Name Lisa Ann Goldman
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Talent Manager
Husband/Wife Married to Larry Lerman
Education N/A
Age 55+ (as of 2023)
Children Son: Logan Lerman
Son: Lucas Lerman
Daughter: Lindsey Lerman
Net Worth <$1 million

A Family in Beverly Hills:

Lisa is part of a well-established Jewish family in the glamorous city of Beverly Hills, California.

Born Lisa Ann Goldman, she and her husband Larry Lerman form the backbone of the Lerman family.

Logan Lerman parents Larry and Lisa take photo together while her daughter Lindsey's marriage
Logan Lerman parents Larry and Lisa

Manager and Mother:

Lisa wears multiple hats in Logan’s life. Not only is she his mother, but she also works diligently as his manager.

This dynamic duo showcases the strength of their bond, both personally and professionally.

Larry Lerman – Businessman and Orthotist:

Larry, Logan’s father, is a businessman and orthotist. Together with Lisa, they provide a solid foundation for Logan’s upbringing.

Family history goes back a long way to being Jewish, and Logan’s Bar Mitzvah showed how important traditions are.

Siblings and Family Dynamics:

Logan is not an only child. He has two older siblings – Lindsey Lerman Neyman and Lucas Lerman.

Logan Lerman sister Lindsey

Lindsey, married to David Neyman, extends the family circle. The Lermans are known for capturing family moments, evident in pictures from Lindsey’s wedding.

Lerman & Son: A Family Business Legacy:

The Lerman family is not just about showbiz. They also operate the orthotics and prosthetics company, Lerman & Son.

Logan Lerman with his father and brother
Logan with his father and brother

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This family business has a rich history, originating from Logan’s great-grandfather, Jacob Lerman. It’s a testament to the family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

FAQs About Lisa Goldman

Who is Lisa Goldman?

Lisa Goldman is the mother of actor Logan Lerman. She is actively involved in managing Logan’s career.

How many children does Lisa Goldman have?

Lisa and Larry Lerman have three children: Logan Lerman, Lucas Lerman, and Lindsey Lerman.

Is Lisa Goldman married?

Yes, Lisa is married to Larry Lerman, who is a businessman and orthotist. She is also mentioned to be Larry Lerman‘s first wife, and there is information about a stepmother, Marilyn Silver Lerman.

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