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Nora Belle Jewitt – Camilla Thurlow’s Daughter | Know About Her

Nora Belle Jewitt – Camilla Thurlow’s Daughter | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 14, 2024

Camilla Thurlow, known for her time on Love Island, has a special someone in her life – her daughter, Nora Belle Jewitt. Let’s delve into what makes Nora so special and what we know about her.

Camilla Thurlow's Daughter Nora Belle Jewitt
Nora Belle Jewitt
Quick Facts About Nora Belle Jewitt Details
Full Name Nora Belle Jewitt
Birthdate May 27, 2022
Occupation N/A
Age 1 years and 10 months old
Education Too Young to Attend School
Parents Father: Jamie Jewitt
Mother: Camilla Thurlow
Siblings Older sister: Nell Sophia Jewitt
Children N/A
Networth N/A (as of 2024, she is child)

Birth and Early Days

Nora Belle Jewitt made her grand entrance into the world on May 27, 2022. She arrived a bit earlier than expected, but that just added to the excitement! Nora’s parents, Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt, were over the moon with her arrival. Nora joins her big sister, Nell Sophia Jewitt, who was born on October 27, 2020.

Camilla Thurlow with her daughter Nora Belle Jewitt
Camilla with her daughter Nora Belle Jewitt

Family Ties

Nora is part of a loving family based in Dumfries, Scotland. Her parents, Camilla and Jamie, are smitten with their little bundle of joy. Nora’s grandparents, Robert and Deborah Thurlow, are also delighted to have another granddaughter to dote on. And let’s not forget her aunt, Connie Thurlow, who is excited to be Nora’s doting auntie.

Sibling Bond

Nora shares a special bond with her older sister, Nell Sophia. Although there’s an age gap between them, Nell is already taking on the role of the protective big sister. Together, they make quite the dynamic duo, bringing joy and laughter to their parents’ lives.

Jamie Jewitt with his daughters
Jamie Jewitt with his daughters

Growing Up

As Nora grows, she’s discovering the wonders of the world around her. From her first giggles to her first steps, every milestone is a cause for celebration. Camilla and Jamie are cherishing every moment as they watch their little girl blossom into her own unique person.

Life’s Adventures

Whether it’s spending time with her favorite stuffed animal or exploring the neighborhood park, Nora is already going on her own adventures. She has an insatiable curiosity and is constantly ready to learn something new. Any room that Nora enters is brightened by her infectious energy and grin.

Camilla Thurlow's daughters
Camilla Thurlow’s daughters

Camilla’s Pride and Joy

For Camilla Thurlow, Nora is not just her daughter; she’s her pride and joy. Camilla’s social media is filled with adorable photos and sweet moments shared with Nora. From their matching outfits to their cuddle sessions, it’s evident that Camilla cherishes every moment spent with her little girl.

Jamie’s Little Princess

Jamie Jewitt is equally smitten with his daughter, Nora. He dotes on her and can’t help but shower her with love and affection. Whether it’s playtime in the garden or bedtime stories, Jamie cherishes every moment he spends with Nora.

Camilla Thurlow's family
Camilla Thurlow’s family

Future Dreams

As Nora grows, her parents have big dreams for her. They want her to be happy, healthy, and to follow her passions in life. Whether she becomes a doctor, a teacher, or even a reality TV star like her mom, Camilla and Jamie will support Nora every step of the way.

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FAQs About Nora Belle Jewitt

Who are Nora Belle Jewitt’s parents?

Nora Belle Jewitt’s parents are Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt. Camilla is known for her appearance on the reality TV show Love Island, while Jamie is a model and reality TV personality as well.

When was Nora Belle Jewitt born?

Nora Belle Jewitt was born on May 27, 2022.

Does Nora Belle Jewitt have any siblings?

Yes, Nora has an older sister named Nell Sophia Jewitt, who was born on October 27, 2020.

Where was Nora Belle Jewitt born?

Nora Belle Jewitt was born in Dumfries, Scotland.


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