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Who is Olivia Hanks? Tom Hanks’ Granddaughter – The Next Generation of Hollywood Royalty

Who is Olivia Hanks? Tom Hanks’ Granddaughter – The Next Generation of Hollywood Royalty

Last updated on: June 25, 2024

Olivia Hanks is a special member of the famous Hanks family. She’s the granddaughter of the well-known actor, Tom Hanks. Let’s find out more about this young family member and her connections!

Quick Facts About Olivia Hanks
Full Name Olivia Hanks
Birthdate 2011
Occupation Not Known
Husband/Wife N/A
Education Not Known
Age Around 12 years old
Parents Colin Hanks and Samantha Bryant
Siblings Younger sister, Charlotte Hanks, Michaiah Hanks
Children N/A
Famous Grandfather Tom Hanks, the renowned actor
Impressions Not overly impressed by celebrity status
Grandparents Tom HanksSamantha Lewes
Relationships Close-knit family
Cousins Michaiah Hanks (Chet Hanks’ daughter)
Great Grandparents Janet Marylyn Frager, Amos Mefford Hanks
Legacy Part of a creative and talented family

Olivia’s Family Connection

Olivia is the daughter of Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks’ oldest son. Colin Hanks is also an actor, just like his dad. This makes Olivia the great-granddaughter of Amos Mefford and Janet Marylyn Frager. She’s part of a big and talented family!

A Young Star in the Making

Olivia was born in the year 2011. That makes her around 12 years old now. Even though she’s still young, she’s already part of a family with a strong connection to the world of movies and acting. Her grandpa Tom Hanks and dad Colin Hanks have both done great things in the entertainment world.

Tom Hanks – The Famous Grandpa

Tom Hanks is a famous actor who has won Oscars. He’s Olivia’s grandpa! Even though he’s super famous, Olivia and her sister Charlotte aren’t super impressed by his awards. They know he’s a big star, but they don’t think it’s the most important thing about him.

A Family of Love

Olivia is lucky to have a loving family. Her grandpa Tom Hanks once said that when he’s with his grandkids, he doesn’t need TV or books. They bring so much joy and fun that he just wants to enjoy their company. Olivia is part of this happy and close-knit family.

Olivia’s Cousins

Olivia has cousins too! Her dad Colin Hanks has two daughters: Olivia and Charlotte. Yes, Olivia has a sister with the same name! It’s like having a built-in best friend. Charlotte was born in 2013, which means she’s a bit younger than Olivia.

Keeping It in the Family

The Hanks family is all about talent and creativity. Olivia’s aunt, Elizabeth Ann Hanks, is a writer and editor. She’s good with words, just like her famous family. It’s clear that creativity runs in the family genes!

More Grandchildren

Tom Hanks has a lot of love for his grandchildren. Olivia’s cousin Michaiah is another grandchild of Tom Hanks. Michaiah is Chet Hanks’ daughter, making her another special member of this famous family. She was born in 2016.

Cherishing Family Moments

Tom Hanks’ family is important to him. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and cherishes every moment with them. To him, being with his grandkids is like watching the best show on TV. They make him smile, laugh, and forget about everything else.

Growing Up Together

Olivia and her cousins are growing up together, making memories that will last a lifetime. They might have a famous grandpa, but what’s most important is the love and fun they share as a family. No matter how famous someone is, family is what truly matters.

Olivia’s Future

As Olivia continues to grow, she’ll have the support of her loving family every step of the way. With her talented family background, who knows what she might achieve in the future? Whether it’s in acting, writing, or something completely different, Olivia Hanks has a bright future ahead.

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FAQs About Olivia Hanks 

Who is Olivia Hanks?

Olivia Hanks is the granddaughter of the famous actor Tom Hanks. She is the daughter of Tom Hanks’ son, Colin Hanks, who is also an actor.

How old is Olivia Hanks?

As of now, Olivia Hanks is around 12 years old. She was born in the year 2011.

Who are Olivia Hanks’ parents?

Olivia Hanks’ parents are Colin Hanks and Samantha Bryant. Colin Hanks is an actor known for his roles in movies and television series.

Does Olivia Hanks have any siblings?

Yes, Olivia Hanks has a younger sister named Charlotte Hanks. Both Olivia and Charlotte are the daughters of Colin Hanks and Samantha Bryant.

How does Olivia Hanks view her famous grandfather, Tom Hanks?

According to Colin Hanks, Olivia and her sister Charlotte are aware of their grandfather Tom Hanks’ impressive accomplishments, including his two Oscars. However, they don’t hold his celebrity status in high regard and are not particularly impressed by it.

Does Olivia Hanks spend time with her famous family?

Yes, Olivia Hanks is part of a close-knit family. Tom Hanks has expressed his enjoyment of spending time with his grandchildren, including Olivia and Charlotte. He finds their company entertaining and joyful.

Are there other grandchildren in the Hanks family?

Yes, Olivia Hanks has cousins in the Hanks family. One of her cousins is Michaiah Hanks, the daughter of Chet Hanks. Chet Hanks is another son of Tom Hanks.

What is the relationship between Olivia Hanks and her famous grandfather?

Olivia Hanks is the granddaughter of Tom Hanks. While her grandpa is a well-known and respected actor with numerous achievements, Olivia and her sister Charlotte don’t place an overly high value on his celebrity status, as shared by their father, Colin Hanks.

Final Thoughts

Olivia Hanks is a cherished member of the Hanks family. As the granddaughter of the renowned actor Tom Hanks, she’s part of a family filled with love, talent, and creativity. Olivia, along with her cousins, is growing up surrounded by the joy and warmth of family connections. With a famous grandpa like Tom Hanks, Olivia’s journey ahead is sure to be an exciting one.


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