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Rowan Brewster-Form – Jordana Brewster’s Son | Know About Him

Rowan Brewster-Form – Jordana Brewster’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: February 25, 2024

Rowan Brewster-Form is a special boy who belongs to a famous family. Let’s get to know him better and find out interesting facts about this young member of the Brewster family.

Jordana Brewster with son Rowan Brewster-Form
Jordana Brewster with son Rowan Brewster-Form
Quick Facts About Rowan Brewster-Form
Full Name Rowan Brewster-Form
Birthdate June 9, 2016
Occupation Kid
Husband/Wife N/A
Education N/A
Age 7 years
Parents Jordana Brewster (Mother), Andrew Form (Father)
Siblings Julian Brewster-Form (Brother)
Grandparents Alden Brewster, Maria João
Background Brazilian & American
Name Meaning “Little Red-Haired One”
Family Changes Parents’ Divorce in 2020, Mother’s Remarriage
Adventures Enjoys Fun Times with Brother
Growing Up Surrounded by Love & Support
Privacy Focus Limited Public Presence
Future Potential Bright & Full of Possibilities

Who is Rowan Brewster-Form?

Rowan Brewster-Form is the son of actress Jordana Brewster. You might have seen Jordana in movies like “Fast & Furious.” Rowan is a cute and cheerful kid, and he’s part of a loving family.

His Parents and Siblings

Rowan’s mom, Jordana Brewster, is an actress who was born in Panama. She has acted in many movies and is known for her talent. Rowan’s dad is Andrew Form, who used to produce movies. They were married for 13 years, but they decided to get a divorce in 2020. Rowan has an older brother named Julian, who was born in 2013. Julian and Rowan are like buddies, and they share a lot of fun times together.

Rowan’s Grandfather and Background

Rowan comes from a family with interesting connections. His great-grandfather was the president of Yale University a long time ago. That’s really cool, isn’t it? Rowan’s mom is from Brazil, and his dad is from America. So, he has a mix of cultures in his family.

More About Rowan’s Family

Jordana Brewster, Rowan’s mom, is now married to a person named Mason Morfit. Mason is a CEO, which means he’s in charge of an important company. He also has two children from another marriage. That means Rowan has step-siblings – more friends to have fun with!

Rowan’s Name and What It Means

Rowan is a unique name, and it has a special meaning. It comes from English origins and means “little red-haired one.” Even though Rowan might not have red hair, the name is still pretty cool!

Rowan’s Life So Far

Rowan was born in 2016, and he’s been growing up surrounded by love. His parents might not be married anymore, but they still care about Rowan and Julian a lot. They want the best for their kids, and that’s what matters most.

Rowan’s Adventures

Rowan and Julian, his big brother, have lots of adventures together. They probably play games, go to fun places, and make memories. Even though things might change, the love between Rowan and his family stays strong.

Growing Up

Rowan is getting bigger with each passing day. Just like other kids, he’s learning new things and discovering the world around him. He’s lucky to have a caring family that supports him every step of the way.

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FAQs About Rowan Brewster-Form

Who is Rowan Brewster-Form?

Rowan Brewster-Form is the son of actress Jordana Brewster and film producer Andrew Form. He was born on June 9, 2016, and is part of a well-known family.

Does Rowan have any siblings?

Yes, Rowan has an older brother named Julian Brewster-Form, who was born in 2013. The two brothers share a close bond and have many adventures together.

What does Rowan’s name mean?

The name “Rowan” has English origins and means “little red-haired one,” even though Rowan might not actually have red hair. It’s a unique and meaningful name.

How has Rowan’s family changed over the years?

Rowan’s parents, Jordana Brewster and Andrew Form, were married for 13 years before announcing their divorce in 2020. Jordana is now married to Mason Morfit, and Rowan has step-siblings from Mason’s previous marriage.

How is Rowan’s relationship with his parents?

Despite the changes in his family, Rowan is loved and cared for by both his parents, Jordana Brewster and Andrew Form. They remain committed to co-parenting and providing a nurturing environment for their children.

What kind of adventures does Rowan have with his family?

Rowan and his older brother, Julian, enjoy many adventures together. They likely play games, go on trips, and create special memories as brothers.

How is Rowan growing up?

Rowan is growing up surrounded by love and support from his family. He’s learning and exploring the world around him, just like any other child his age.

Is Rowan close to his step-siblings?

While specific details about Rowan’s relationship with his step-siblings aren’t provided, it’s likely that he is building connections and friendships with them as they become a blended family.

Final Thoughts

Rowan Brewster-Form is a young boy who is part of a famous family. His mom, Jordana Brewster, is an actress, and his dad, Andrew Form, used to make movies. Rowan has an older brother, Julian, and together, they have lots of fun. Rowan’s family might have changed, but the love and care they have for him continue to grow. As Rowan keeps growing, we can only imagine the amazing things he’ll do in the future.


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