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Julian Form-Brewster – Jordana Brewster’s Son | Know About Him

Julian Form-Brewster – Jordana Brewster’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 19, 2024

Meet Julian Form-Brewster, the son of famous actress Jordana Brewster. Julian is a special part of Jordana’s family, and there’s a lot to learn about this young and growing individual.

Jordana Brewster's elder son Julian Form-Brewster
Jordana Brewster’s elder son Julian Form-Brewster
Quick Facts About Julian Brewster-Form
Full Name Julian Brewster-Form
Birthdate December 2, 2020
Age Around 2 years old
Occupation Young Celebrity
Family Mother: Jordana Brewster
Father: Andrew Form
Grandparents Alden Brewster, Maria João
Education Too Young for School
Siblings Brother: Rowan Brewster-Form
Children None
Movie Cameo “Fast and Furious 9” cameo
Relationship Status Son of divorced parents
Step-siblings from new marriage
Early Interests Developing unique interests
Cultural Heritage Brazilian-American background
Social Media Presence Managed by family members
Future Plans Yet to be determined

Birth and Family Background

Julian Form-Brewster was born on a special day, December 2, 2020. His mom, Jordana Brewster, shared the happy news of his arrival with the world. Jordana, known for her roles in movies like “Fast and Furious,” is a proud mother to Julian and his younger brother, Rowan Brewster-Form, born in 2016.

A Blend of Cultures

Julian’s roots are fascinating. His mother, Jordana Brewster, was born in Panama City, Panama. Her mom, Maria João Leal de Sousa, was a swimsuit model from Brazil, and her dad, Alden Brewster, was an American investment banker. It’s like Julian has a little bit of both Brazil and America in his family tree.

Growing Up

As Julian grows, he’s discovering the world around him. He’s not just any ordinary kid – he’s a real go-getter. Walking around and exploring new things, he’s developing his own unique interests.

Jordana Brewster with her kids
Jordana Brewster with her kids

A Star in the Making

Guess what? Julian is already making his mark in the entertainment world, just like his mom! He had a small part in the movie “Fast and Furious 9,” a big movie with fast cars and thrilling action. Julian got to meet some cool people on set, like the famous wrestler John Cena and the talented Ludacris.

Journey to Parenthood

Jordana Brewster’s journey to becoming Julian’s mom wasn’t easy. She started trying to have children when she was 30. After facing challenges, Julian’s arrival brought much joy to Jordana and her husband, Andrew Form.

A Tale of Two Weddings

Julian’s mom, Jordana, had two important weddings. First, she married Andrew Form, a producer, in a private ceremony in 2007. Together, they became parents to Julian and his little brother, Rowan. Later on, things changed, and Jordana got married again. This time, it was to Mason Morfit, a CEO in the technology industry. Mason has kids from his earlier marriage, so Julian’s family got even bigger.

Blending Families

With Jordana’s new marriage, Julian’s world expanded. He gained stepsiblings from Mason’s previous marriage. It’s a unique experience, blending two families into one big, loving group.

A Look at Julian’s Roots

Julian comes from a family of interesting people. His grandpa, Kingman Brewster Jr., was a president at Yale University. That’s a pretty big deal! Julian’s family history is full of achievements and connections.

Julian Form-Brewster with his mother
Julian Form-Brewster with his mother

Life’s Adventures Ahead

Julian Form-Brewster’s journey is just beginning. With a famous mom, exciting movie roles, and a family that keeps growing, Julian is sure to have a lot of exciting events in his life.

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FAQs About Julian Form-Brewster

Who is Julian Form-Brewster?

Julian Form-Brewster is the eldest son of actress Jordana Brewster and her former husband, producer Andrew Form. He was born on December 2, 2020.

How did Julian get his name?

Julian’s full name, Julian Brewster-Form, combines his mother’s last name, Brewster, and his father’s last name, Form.

What is Julian known for in the entertainment world?

Julian made a small cameo appearance in the movie “Fast and Furious 9,” where he got the chance to meet actors like John Cena and Ludacris.

How old is Julian Form-Brewster?

As of August 2023, Julian is around 2 years old.

Does Julian have any siblings?

Yes, Julian has a younger brother named Rowan Brewster-Form, who was born in 2016.

Where was Julian born?

Julian was born in the United States.

How did Jordana Brewster become Julian’s mother?

Jordana Brewster became Julian’s mother through surrogacy. She and her husband, Andrew Form, welcomed Julian into their family with joy.

What is Julian’s relationship with his parents and family?

Julian is the beloved son of Jordana Brewster and Andrew Form. He also has step-siblings from Jordana’s current marriage to Mason Morfit, a CEO in the technology industry.

Is Julian involved in any other activities besides acting?

At his young age, Julian’s activities are mostly focused on growing and exploring the world around him. He’s been seen walking and developing his own interests.

What are Jordana Brewster’s thoughts on Julian’s cameo in “Fast and Furious 9”?

Jordana Brewster expressed excitement about Julian’s cameo in the movie. She shared that Julian was thrilled to be on set and meet some of his favorite actors.

Does Julian have any social media presence?

As of now, Julian is too young to have his own social media accounts. Any updates or information about him are usually shared by his parents or other family members.

What are Julian’s future plans or upcoming projects?

As of now, Julian is quite young, so there’s no detailed information about his future plans or projects. His parents are likely focused on providing him with a loving and nurturing environment as he continues to grow.

How does Julian’s family handle the challenges of blending families?

Julian’s family, including his mother Jordana Brewster and her husband Mason Morfit, have openly spoken about blending their families. They seem to approach it with understanding, love, and the desire to create a harmonious home for all the children.

Final Thoughts

Julian Form-Brewster is a young boy with a lot of cool things happening in his life. He’s part of a family with a blend of cultures and has already made a name for himself in the world of movies. As he continues to grow and explore, one thing is certain – Julian’s future is bright and full of possibilities!


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