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Who is Alden Brewster? Jordana Brewster’s Father – The Man Behind Her Growth

Who is Alden Brewster? Jordana Brewster’s Father –  The Man Behind Her Growth

Last updated on: June 25, 2024

Jordana Brewster is a famous actress that many people know about. But did you know that she has a father named Alden Brewster? Let’s find out more about him and his role in Jordana’s life.

Alden Brewster
Alden Brewster
Facts About Alden Brewster Information
Full Name Alden Brewster
Birth Date December 17
Occupation Investment Banker
Husband/Wife Maria João Leal de Sousa (Former Model)
Education Not Known
Age Not Known
Parents Kingman Brewster Jr. (Father), Mary Louise Phillips
Grandchildren Rowan Brewster-Form, Julian Form-Brewster
Children Jordana Brewster, Isabella Brewster
Family Background Rich Legacy, Academic Ties
Involvement in Entertainment Not involved like his daughters
Supportive Role Watched Jordana’s Career and Growth

Who is Alden Brewster?

Alden Brewster is the dad of Jordana Brewster. He was born in America on December 17. He works as an investment banker. That means he helps with money matters for people and businesses. His job is to manage and take care of money to help it grow.

Family Ties

Jordana Brewster’s family is interesting. Her dad, Alden Brewster, has roots in England, Scotland, and Ireland. He comes from a line of important people. His dad, Kingman Brewster Jr., was a big leader at Yale University. He was their boss from 1963 to 1977. It’s like being the captain of a big ship called a university.

Growing Up

Jordana Brewster came into this world on April 26, 1980. She was born in Panama City, Panama. Her dad, Alden, is from America, and her mom, Maria João Leal de Sousa, is from Brazil. Maria was a swimsuit model before. She even appeared on a famous magazine cover called Sports Illustrated in 1978.

Sister and Siblings

Jordana isn’t alone. She has a younger sister named Isabella Brewster. Isabella is also in the entertainment world. She works as a producer, which is someone who helps make movies and shows.

Jordana’s Journey

Jordana Brewster has walked many paths. She became known for acting in movies and TV shows. You might have seen her in “Fast & Furious” movies, where she played a tough character named Mia Toretto. But acting isn’t the only part of her life. She also became a mom and a wife.

Husband and Marriage

Jordana Brewster married Andrew Form. He works as a producer, too. They were married for a long time, around 13 years. Together, they have two sons named Julian and Rowan. Julian was born in 2013, and Rowan came into the world in 2016.

Changes and Blending Families

Life doesn’t always stay the same. In 2020, Jordana and Andrew Form said they were getting a divorce. Divorce is when two people who were married decide to separate. But life has a way of bringing new things. Jordana Brewster found love again with someone new.

New Chapter with Mason Morfit

Jordana Brewster’s heart found a new place. She got married to Mason Morfit in 2022. Mason is a CEO in the technology world. He already had children from before, so now they are all a big, blended family.

Growing Up Again

Jordana’s kids are growing up, too. Julian, her elder son, was born in 2013. He’s a part of her journey just like her dad, Alden, was a part of hers. Her younger son, Rowan, came along in 2016. They make her life full of love and adventure.

Bringing It All Together

Jordana Brewster’s father, Alden Brewster, is an important part of her life story. He is the dad who watched her grow and cheered her on. He comes from a family with a strong legacy, and he passed that on to Jordana. Jordana’s life is like a colorful tapestry made of love, skill, and the ties that keep families together.

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FAQs About Alden Brewster

Who is Alden Brewster?

Alden Brewster is the father of actress Jordana Brewster. He is an American-born investment banker.

When was Alden Brewster born?

Alden Brewster was born on December 17.

What is Alden Brewster’s occupation?

Alden Brewster works as an investment banker, managing and taking care of money to help it grow.

What is Alden Brewster’s family background?

Alden Brewster has English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. His father, Kingman Brewster Jr., was the president of Yale University from 1963 to 1977.

Where was Alden Brewster born?

Alden Brewster’s place of birth is not explicitly mentioned in the provided information.

Is Alden Brewster married?

Yes, Alden Brewster is married to Maria João Leal de Sousa, a former swimsuit model from Brazil.

Does Alden Brewster have children other than Jordana?

Yes, Alden Brewster has two daughters, including Jordana Brewster, and another daughter named Isabella Brewster.

What is Alden Brewster’s connection to Yale University?

Alden Brewster’s father, Kingman Brewster Jr., served as the president of Yale University from 1963 to 1977.


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