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Pascale Leclerc – Charles Leclerc’s Mother | Know About Her

Pascale Leclerc – Charles Leclerc’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

Although Charles Leclerc, one of Formula One’s biggest stars, is not as well-known as Pascale Leclerc, her effect on him is significant. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing woman’s life to discover more about her support of her son’s racing career and her position as a mother.

Charles Leclerc's mother Pascale Leclerc
mother Pascale Leclerc
Quick Facts about Pascale Leclerc Details
Full Name Pascale Leclerc
Birthdate 1970
Occupation Hairdresser
Husband Hervé Leclerc (died)
Education N/A
Age 54 years and 6 months old
Children Charles Leclerc
Lorenzo Leclerc
Arthur Leclerc
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life and Family:

Pascale Leclerc was born and raised in Monte Carlo, Monaco. She married Hervé Leclerc, a former racing driver, and together they had three sons: Charles, Lorenzo, and Arthur. Racing ran in the family’s blood, with both Pascale and Hervé nurturing their sons’ passion for motorsport from a young age.

Charles Leclerc with his mother Pascale Leclerc
Charles Leclerc with his mother Pascale Leclerc

Pascale’s Role:

Hervé participated in racing himself, but Pascale was a major force behind her sons’ goals. Even though Pascale worked as a hairdresser, she always found time for her family, supporting and loving them while they followed their goals.

Supporting Charles:

Charles Leclerc’s rise to fame in Formula One is a testament to his talent and dedication, but behind every successful athlete is a supportive family. Pascale stood by Charles every step of the way, attending his races, cheering him on, and offering unwavering support during both triumphs and setbacks.

Charles Leclerc's Father Hervé Leclerc
Husband Hervé Leclerc

Balancing Act:

Balancing her duties as a mother and a professional, Pascale managed to juggle multiple responsibilities with grace and determination. Her ability to prioritize her family while pursuing her own career is a testament to her strength and resilience.

Tragic Loss:

The Leclerc family faced a devastating loss in 2017 when Hervé passed away after a long battle with illness. Despite the heartache, Pascale remained a pillar of strength for her sons, providing comfort and support during their time of grief.

Legacy of Love:

Charles and his brothers still find inspiration in Pascale to this day. Her constant devotion and affection have shaped them into the men and athletes they are today, leaving an enduring impression on their lives.

Charles Leclerc's family
Charles Leclerc’s family

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FAQs About Pascale Leclerc

Who is Pascale Leclerc?

Pascale Leclerc is the mother of Charles Leclerc, a renowned Monégasque racing driver competing in Formula One for Scuderia Ferrari.

What is Pascale Leclerc known for?

Pascale Leclerc is known for her role as a supportive mother and pillar of strength in Charles Leclerc’s racing career.

What was Pascale Leclerc’s profession?

Pascale Leclerc worked as a hairdresser while raising her three sons with her late husband, Hervé Leclerc.

How many children does Pascale Leclerc have?

Pascale Leclerc has three sons: Charles, Lorenzo, and Arthur. Charles and Arthur are both racing drivers, following in their father’s footsteps.

Who was Pascale Leclerc’s husband?

Hervé Leclerc, a former Formula 3 driver who was also involved in racing, was the husband of Pascale Leclerc.


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