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Peter McCallum – David McCallum’s son | Know About Him

Peter McCallum – David McCallum’s son | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 14, 2024

Peter McCallum is known as the son of the famous actor and musician, David McCallum. While there isn’t much information available about Peter specifically, people are curious to learn more about him. In this article, we’ll explore Peter McCallum’s background, his family, and some facts about his life.

Family Background

Peter McCallum comes from a family with a strong connection to music and entertainment. David McCallum’s dad, David McCallum Sr., was a talented violinist for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and his mom, Dorothy Dorman, played the cello. Growing up in such a musical family likely influenced Peter’s upbringing and love for the arts.

Siblings and Extended Family

Peter McCallum has several siblings. David McCallum had three children, Val McCallum, Paul McCallum, and Jason McCallum, with his first wife, Jill Ireland. He also has two children, Peter McCallum and Sophie McCallum, with his second wife, Katherine Carpenter. Having a big and diverse family allows Peter to have unique relationships and share special moments with his siblings.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Peter McCallum’s personal life from the available information. It’s possible that he inherited his family’s love for music and the arts. Growing up in a household that values creativity, Peter might have pursued his own artistic interests. However, without more details, we can only speculate about his personal pursuits.


Peter McCallum’s father, David McCallum, experienced a heartbreaking loss when his son Jason passed away in the late 1980s. However, David later discovered that Jason had a child named Tory. This made Tory a part of the McCallum family, bringing joy and a sense of connection. David McCallum takes pride in being a grandfather and cherishes this family bond.

Private Life and Media Presence

It seems that Peter McCallum prefers to keep his private life away from the public eye. While his father, David McCallum, is a well-known actor, Peter has chosen to lead a more private life. This decision allows him to live without the constant attention and scrutiny that comes with being in the spotlight.

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FAQs About Peter McCallum

Who is Peter McCallum?

Peter McCallum is the son of the renowned actor and musician, David McCallum. He is a member of the McCallum family, which has a rich history in music and entertainment.

Does Peter McCallum have any siblings?

Yes, Peter McCallum has siblings from his father’s previous marriages. His half-siblings include Val McCallum, Paul McCallum, and Jason McCallum from David McCallum’s marriage to Jill Ireland. He also has a sister named Sophie McCallum from his father’s marriage to Katherine Carpenter.

Is Peter McCallum involved in the entertainment industry?

There is no concrete information available regarding Peter McCallum’s involvement in the entertainment industry. It is unknown whether he has pursued a career in acting or music like his famous father.

What is Peter McCallum’s relationship with his family?

As a member of the McCallum family, Peter likely shares a close bond with his siblings and parents. However, specific details about his relationship with his family members are not publicly known.

Is Peter McCallum active in the media or public eye?

No, Peter McCallum appears to maintain a private life away from the media and public attention. He has chosen to stay out of the spotlight, unlike his famous father.

Does Peter McCallum have any children?

There is no available information about Peter McCallum’s marital status, relationships, or whether he has any children.

Does Peter McCallum have any known talents or hobbies?

As information about Peter McCallum’s personal life is limited, his specific talents or hobbies are unknown at this time.

Is Peter McCallum active on social media?

As there is limited public information about Peter McCallum, it is unclear whether he is active on social media platforms or maintains any public profiles.

Are there any recent updates or news about Peter McCallum?

Unfortunately, there are no recent updates or news available regarding Peter McCallum as of the current information provided.

Final Thoughts

Peter McCallum, the son of David McCallum, belongs to a family with a strong musical and entertainment background. While we don’t have much information about Peter’s personal life and interests, his connection to talented siblings and his legendary father suggests that he may have inherited their creative talents. With a family history rooted in music and acting, it’s fascinating to think about the unique contributions Peter McCallum may bring to the world in his own special way.


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