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Pranav Kumar Pandey – Ishan Kishan’s Father | Know About Him

Pranav Kumar Pandey – Ishan Kishan’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 15, 2024

Ishan Kishan, the rising cricket star from Bodh Gaya, Bihar, owes a lot to the unwavering support of his family, especially his father, Pranav Kumar Pandey. In this article, let’s delve into the life of Pranav Kumar Pandey and get to know the man behind the successful cricketer.

Ishan Kishan father Pranav Kumar Pandey
Pranav Kumar Pandey
Quick Facts About Pranav Kumar Pandey Information
Full Name Pranav Kumar Pandey
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Builder
Husband/Wife Suchitra Singh (Wife)
Education N/A
Age 50+ (as of 2023)
Son Ishan Kishan
Son Raj Kishan
Daughter Arya Singh
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Ties in Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Pranav Kumar Pandey is a builder by profession, and he, along with his wife Suchitra Singh, has created a close-knit family in Bodh Gaya. The household includes Ishan, an elder brother named Raj Kishan, who’s a doctor, and a sister named Arya.

Encouragement and Backing

Ishan Kishan’s journey from playing cricket in Bihar to representing India on the international stage and making a mark in the IPL has been significantly influenced by the constant encouragement and backing from his family. The family, it seems, is the solid foundation on which Ishan’s cricketing dreams have been built.

Ishan Kishan Family
Ishan Kishan Family

Crucial Role of Pranav Kumar Pandey

Pranav Kumar Pandey, as Ishan’s father, plays a crucial role in shaping the young cricketer’s career. His profession as a builder might not be as grand as a stadium, but the support and wisdom he imparts to Ishan are monumental.

Maturity in the Game

Speaking about Ishan’s impressive performances, Pranav Kumar Pandey highlighted his son’s maturity on the field. He expressed joy and pride, especially when Ishan showcased resilience after the team faced an early setback in a match. It’s a father’s joy seeing his son build innings and exhibit maturity beyond his years.

Pride in Achievements

Ishan’s father has been vocal about his pride in his son’s achievements. The blazing knock that made Ishan the fastest double centurion in ODI cricket filled Pranav Kumar Pandey with joy. It’s not just about the runs; it’s about the maturity and dedication Ishan displays every time he steps onto the cricket field.

Support During Maiden Test Call-Up

When Ishan received his maiden Test call-up, Pranav Kumar Pandey’s reaction was a blend of excitement and encouragement. Ishan shared that his father was “super pumped” and advised him to continue working hard and practicing diligently. It’s a testament to the positive influence Pranav Kumar Pandey has on Ishan’s cricketing mindset.

Ishan Kishan with his father Pranav Kumar Pandey
Ishan with his father Pranav Kumar Pandey

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The Family Behind the Cricketer

The images of Ishan with his family—father, mother, brother, and sister—speak volumes about the unity and support that fuels the young cricketer’s journey. These moments capture the essence of a family that stands together through successes and challenges.

FAQs About Pranav Kumar Pandey

Who is Pranav Kumar Pandey?

Pranav Kumar Pandey is the father of Indian cricketer Ishan Kishan. He is a builder by profession and has been actively involved in supporting and encouraging Ishan throughout his cricketing journey.

Where is Pranav Kumar Pandey from?

Pranav Kumar Pandey is from Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India.

What does Pranav Kumar Pandey do for a living?

Pranav Kumar Pandey works as a builder by profession.

Does Pranav Kumar Pandey have other children besides Ishan Kishan?

Yes, Pranav Kumar Pandey has other children. Ishan Kishan has an elder brother named Raj Kishan, who is a doctor, and a sister named Arya.

Where does Pranav Kumar Pandey reside?

Pranav Kumar Pandey resides in Patna, Bihar, India.


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