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Raj Kishan – Ishan Kishan’s Brother | Know About Him

Raj Kishan – Ishan Kishan’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: February 4, 2024

Meet Raj Kishan, the elder brother of the talented Indian cricketer, Ishan Kishan. Born and raised in the close-knit town of Bodh Gaya, Bihar, Raj is an essential part of the Kishan family. Let’s delve into his story and understand more about the supportive figure behind Ishan’s cricketing journey.

Ishan Kishan with his brother Raj Kishan
Ishan with his brother Raj Kishan
Quick Facts about Raj Kishan Information
Full Name Raj Kishan
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Doctor
Husband/Wife N/A
Age 25+ (as of 2023)
Father Pranav Kumar Pandey
Mother Suchitra Singh
Brother Ishan Kishan
Sister Arya Singh
Networth <$1 million

Family Ties: The Kishan Household

The Kishan family, residing in Bodh Gaya, is a tightly-knit unit. Ishan’s father, Pranav Kumar Pandey, works as a builder, while his mother, Suchitra Singh, is a homemaker. In addition to Raj, Ishan has a sister named Arya, making the Kishan household a complete and supportive family.

Ishan Kishan Family
Ishan Kishan Family

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Brotherly Bond: Raj Kishan’s Journey

Raj Kishan, the elder brother, initially shared a common passion with Ishan – cricket. Growing up in Bihar, both brothers had dreams of making it big in the cricketing world. However, destiny had different plans for Raj. Despite his early interest in the sport, he eventually chose a different path under family pressure.

A Shift in Paths: Becoming a Doctor

Raj switched from cricket to medicine because of familial pressure and academics. He made a choice that changed his life. Even though Raj doesn’t play cricket like his younger brother, his story shows how people can stick with things and change.

Crucial Support: Raj Kishan’s Role in Ishan’s Career

Raj supported Ishan even after changing careers. Raj has supported Ishan throughout his cricket career, offering advice and encouragement. Though life decisions have separated the brothers, their emotional kinship remains strong.

Emotional Milestones: Ishan Kishan’s India Call-Up

In moments of triumph, such as Ishan’s maiden call-up to the Indian cricket team, Raj’s emotions came to the forefront. During an exclusive interview, Raj shared how the family, upon receiving Ishan’s call, couldn’t hold back tears. The overwhelming joy and pride for Ishan’s achievements reflected the strong family ties that have been the bedrock of the Kishan family.

Personal Insights: The Kishan Family Dynamics

The Kishan family, especially Raj, has helped Ishan succeed. It shows how important family and support are when you want to get to the top of cricket in the world.

FAQs About Raj Kishan

Who is Raj Kishan?

​Raj Kishan is the elder brother of Indian cricketer Ishan Kishan. While initially sharing a passion for cricket, Raj transitioned to becoming a doctor under family pressure.

Where is Raj Kishan from?

Raj Kishan hails from Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India, the same town as his younger brother Ishan Kishan.

What is Raj Kishan’s profession?

Raj Kishan is a doctor. Despite his initial interest in cricket, he chose a different path and pursued a career in medicine.

Does Raj Kishan have any other siblings?

Yes, Raj Kishan has a sister named Arya, making the Kishan family a complete and supportive unit.


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