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Discover Robert Crascall : The Father Behind Arron Crascall’s Success

Discover Robert Crascall : The Father Behind Arron Crascall’s Success

Last updated on: July 6, 2024

The well-known comedian and social media star Arron Crascall’s rise to prominence was influenced by his family. Robert Crascall, his father, is a major figure in his life; his support and influence were essential.

Arron Crascall father Robert Crascall
father Robert Crascall
Quick Facts about Robert Crascall Details
Full Name Robert Crascall
Birthdate 1950
Occupation N/A
Spouse Cessy Crascall
Age Died at 67
Died 2017
Parents Not Known
Granchildren Alfie Crascall, Evie Crascall, Mia Crascall
Children Arron Crascall and Miss Crascall
Net Worth <$1 million

Early Life and Family

A major influence on Arron Crascall’s upbringing was Robert Crascall. Robert, who was born in Dover, England, had a significant influence on his son’s personality and professional goals. Robert Crascall, along with his spouse Cessy Crascall, gave Arron and his sister—whose name is unknown—a loving home.

Arron Crascall with his father
Arron Crascall with his father

Personal Life

Robert Crascall’s life was centered around his family. He shared his journey with Cessy Crascall, and together they raised Arron and his sister. Their commitment to family values left a lasting impression on Arron, influencing his comedic style and approach to life.

Arron Crascall mother Cessy Crascall
Wife Cessy Crascall

Career and Passions

While specific details about Robert Crascall’s professional life are not detailed, his legacy lives on through Arron’s achievements. Arron’s rise from working at William Hill to becoming a popular social media figure reflects the supportive environment fostered by Robert and Cessy Crascall.

Family Legacy

Tragically, Robert Crascall passed away in 2017, leaving behind cherished memories and a profound impact on his family. His values of perseverance and humor continue to resonate through Arron’s work, showcasing the enduring bond between father and son.

Arron Crascall with sister
Arron Crascall with sister

Influence on Arron Crascall

Arron Crascall’s comedic talent and warm personality are rooted in the love and guidance he received from his father, Robert. Their bond shaped Arron’s outlook on life, inspiring him to share laughter and positivity with his audience.

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FAQs About Robert Crascall

Who was Robert Crascall married to?

Robert Crascall was married to Cessy Crascall, with whom he raised Arron Crascall and his sister.

How many children did Robert Crascall have?

Robert Crascall had two children, Arron Crascall and Miss Crascall.

When did Robert Crascall pass away?

Robert Crascall passed away in 2017.


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