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Sobeida Valderrama – Wilmer Valderrama’s Mother | Know About Her

Sobeida Valderrama – Wilmer Valderrama’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 14, 2024

Sobeida Valderrama is best known as the mother of actor Wilmer Valderrama. But she’s more than just a celebrity parent. Her story is unique, full of family values, and deeply rooted in her Colombian background. Let’s learn about the woman who has been a significant influence on her son’s life.

Wilmer Valderrama mother Sobeida Valderrama
mother Sobeida Valderrama
Quick Facts About Sobeida Valderrama Details
Full Name Sobeida Valderrama
Birthdate July 27 1960
Occupation Co-owner of a farm equipment rental company
Marital Status Divorced
Husband/Ex-Husband Balbino A. Valderrama
Education N/A
Age 63 years and 10 months old
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Wilmer Valderrama, Marilyn Valderrama, Stephanie Valderrama
Net Worth $2 million

Family Roots

Sobeida Valderrama was born in Colombia. She married Balbino A. Valderrama in 1979. Balbino is from Venezuela, so their family had a mix of two cultures. They had three children together, including Wilmer. The couple moved to Venezuela when Wilmer was three. Then, when he turned thirteen, they came back to the United States.

Wilmer Valderrama with his mother Sobeida Valderrama
Wilmer Valderrama with his mother Sobeida Valderrama

A Tight-Knit Family

Sobeida’s family is close-knit. Wilmer has two sisters, Marilyn and Stephanie. They enjoy family gatherings and spending time together. Sobeida and Balbino have been great companions, even though they later divorced. They worked together running a farm equipment rental company, showing that they could work as a team.

A Supportive Mother

Sobeida has always supported her son Wilmer’s acting career. Wilmer has mentioned in interviews that his mother and father played a big part in his success. He even bought a house next door to his mother. He wanted her to be close by, especially when he had kids of his own.

Sobeida raised her children with love and care. She worked hard to make sure they had a good life. Even after her divorce from Balbino, she continued to be a strong figure in her family’s life. Wilmer’s appreciation for his mother shows how much she has done for him.

Wilmer Valderrama with sisters
Wilmer Valderrama with sisters

A New Generation

Wilmer Valderrama is now engaged to Amanda Pacheco, and they have a daughter named Nakano Oceana. This new generation is part of Sobeida’s family. Wilmer is very close to his family, including his sisters, his parents, and his nephew Christian. They share meals, go on trips, and make memories together. Sobeida is a proud grandmother who loves spending time with her family.

A Life of Hard Work

Sobeida Valderrama has worked hard all her life. She and Balbino ran a farm equipment rental company together. This business helped them support their family and build a stable life. Even though the exact details of her work aren’t widely known, it’s clear that she is a dedicated and hardworking person. Her commitment to her family and work has been an inspiration to those around her.

Wilmer Valderrama father Balbino Valderrama
Ex Husband Balbino Valderrama

A Legacy of Love

Sobeida Valderrama has built a legacy of love and family. She raised her children with care, taught them the value of hard work, and supported them in their dreams. Wilmer Valderrama’s success in Hollywood is a testament to her support and encouragement.

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FAQs About Sobeida Valderrama

Where is Sobeida Valderrama from?

Sobeida Valderrama is originally from Colombia. She married Balbino A. Valderrama, who is from Venezuela. They lived in both Venezuela and the United States.

How many children does Sobeida Valderrama have?

Sobeida Valderrama has three children. They include actor Wilmer Valderrama and his two sisters, Marilyn Valderrama and Stephanie Valderrama.

What does Sobeida Valderrama do?

Sobeida Valderrama co-owns a farm equipment rental company with her ex-husband, Balbino A. Valderrama. She has worked in this business to support her family and is known for her hard work and dedication.

Is Sobeida Valderrama married?

Sobeida Valderrama was married to Balbino A. Valderrama. They married in 1979 but later divorced. However, they continued to work together in their farm equipment rental business, showing their ability to collaborate.


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