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Steve Cantlay – Patrick Cantley’s Father | Get to Know Him

Steve Cantlay – Patrick Cantley’s Father | Get to Know Him

Last updated on: May 17, 2024

Steve Cantlay is the father of professional golfer Patrick Cantlay. He has played a big role in helping Patrick succeed in his golf career. In this article, we will learn more about Steve Cantlay and how he supports his son.

Early Life and Personal Background:

Not much is known about Steve Cantlay’s personal life. We do know that he is married to Colleen Naylan Cantlay. They have created a loving and supportive home for Patrick and his siblings. Steve is from Long Beach, California, and he loves golf just like Patrick.

Supporting Patrick’s Golfing Journey:

Steve Cantlay noticed his son’s talent and love for golf from a young age. He has been there every step of the way, supporting Patrick and helping him become a better golfer. Steve’s encouragement and belief in Patrick have made a big difference in his success.

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Former Club Champion and Role Model:

Steve Cantlay himself has achieved success in golf. He was once the champion of a golf club in Long Beach called Virginia County. Even though he is not as active in golf now, he has become a role model for Patrick. Steve’s love for the game has influenced Patrick’s passion for golf.

Family and Legacy:

Besides Patrick, Steve and Colleen Cantlay have other children named Nick, Jack, and Caroline. The entire family has been there for Patrick, cheering him on and supporting his dreams. Their love and encouragement have helped him become the amazing golfer he is today.

Final Thoughts

Steve Cantlay is a wonderful father and a big supporter of Patrick Cantlay’s golf career. His belief in Patrick and his guidance have made a big difference in Patrick’s success. Together with his wife Colleen, Steve has created a loving and supportive family environment. Steve’s influence has helped shape Patrick into the talented golfer he is today.

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