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Tausha Kraft – Tucker Kraft’s Mother | Know About Her

Tausha Kraft – Tucker Kraft’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 19, 2024

Hi there! Let’s talk about Tausha Kraft, the amazing mom of Tucker Kraft, who is a rising football star. Tucker plays as a tight end for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. Tausha has always been there to support and love her son, guiding him on his exciting journey from a little boy with big dreams to a pro athlete. This article will tell you more about Tausha and her role in Tucker’s life.

Tucker Kraft's mother Tausha Kraft
Tucker Kraft’s mother Tausha Kraft
Quick Facts about Tausha Kraft
Full Name Tausha Kraft
Birthdate Not Known
Occupation Not Known
Husband/Wife Doug Kraft, Guthrie Ducheneaux
Education Not Known
Age Not Known
Location Timber Lake, SD
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Son: Tucker
Relationship with Tucker Kraft Mother
Role in Tucker’s Life Supportive and loving
Encourages his dreams
Notable Achievements Nurturing a rising star
in the NFL
Relationship Status Not specified
Community Involvement Supported by Timber Lake
Other Family Members Grandmother: Linda
Girlfriend: Baylee

A Loving Family

Tausha Kraft is a mom who cares deeply for her family. Tucker was born on November 3, 2000, in Timber Lake, South Dakota. He had a dad named Doug Kraft, but sadly, he passed away in 2013. Even though Tucker’s dad is no longer with them, Tausha is always there for him. She also has a step-dad named Guthrie Ducheneaux who supports Tucker and helps take care of him. Tucker has two brothers, Cody and Tanner, who are like his best friends. They all stick together and help each other through thick and thin.

Tucker Kraft with family
Tucker Kraft with family

Love and Never Giving Up

The Kraft family’s story is all about love and never giving up. After Tucker’s dad passed away, Tausha became the rock for her kids. She taught them the value of working hard and giving their all, no matter what they do. Tucker’s success in football is proof of this lesson. Tausha’s love and guidance have helped him overcome challenges and achieve his dreams in the NFL.

Grandma Linda’s Role

Tucker’s family isn’t just limited to his parents and brothers. His grandma, Linda Kraft, is also an important part of his life. Grandma Linda’s love and presence add to the close bond they share as a family.

Tuckerwith his grandmother Linda

Proud Mama Bear

Tausha is always there to cheer Tucker on. Whether he was playing college football at South Dakota State or when he got drafted by the Green Bay Packers, Tausha was right by his side, bursting with pride and joy. Her support means the world to Tucker, and it motivates him to do his best.

Community Support

Tucker’s family isn’t the only support he has. The community of Timber Lake, South Dakota, also plays a big role in their lives. When Tausha got sick with an autoimmune disease, the community stepped up to help the family through tough times. This support shows how important family and community are to Tucker.

Friends and Love

Tucker’s personal life has been blossoming too. In 2020, he started dating Baylee Jandahl, a photographer from South Dakota. Their relationship is filled with love and support, just like Tausha has taught Tucker.

Tucker Kraft with his mother Tausha Kraft
Tucker Kraft with his mother Tausha Kraft

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FAQs About Tausha Kraft

Who is Tausha Kraft?

Tausha Kraft is the mother of Tucker Kraft, an American football tight end who plays for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL.

What is Tausha Kraft’s role in Tucker’s life?

Tausha Kraft plays a significant role in Tucker’s life as a supportive and loving mother. She has been there to guide and encourage him throughout his football career.

When was Tucker Kraft born, and where?

Tucker Kraft was born on November 3, 2000, in Timber Lake, South Dakota.

Is Tausha Kraft married?

As of the available information, Tausha Kraft’s marital status is not mentioned.

Who are Tucker Kraft’s siblings?

Tucker Kraft has two brothers named Cody and Tanner.

What happened to Tucker Kraft’s father?

Tucker Kraft’s father, Doug Kraft, sadly passed away in 2013.

Does Tucker Kraft have a step-father?

Yes, Tucker Kraft has a step-father named Guthrie Ducheneaux.

Is Tucker Kraft in a relationship?

Yes, Tucker Kraft has been in a relationship with Baylee Jandahl, a photographer from South Dakota, since 2020.

How has Tucker’s grandmother influenced his life?

Tucker’s grandmother, Linda Kraft, is an important part of their family, adding to the close bond they share.

How did Tausha support Tucker during his NFL Draft?

Tausha Kraft was by Tucker’s side to celebrate his selection by the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Draft.

Final Thoughts

Tausha Kraft is an incredible mom and plays a huge part in Tucker Kraft’s journey to success. Her love, guidance, and support, along with the love of their close-knit family and the community, have helped Tucker achieve his dreams in the NFL. Tausha has a bigger impact on Tucker than just football. She has taught him how important it is to work hard, never give up, and love his family and friends. As Tucker continues to shine on the football field, Tausha will always be his number one fan and supporter.


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