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Tim Cummins – Pat Cummins’ Brother | Know About Him

Tim Cummins – Pat Cummins’ Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 19, 2024

Tim Cummins is not a household name like his famous brother Pat Cummins, but he plays an important role in the Cummins family and has made his mark in the world of cricket.
Quick Facts about Tim Cummins
Full Name Timothy Cummins
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Cricketer (Local Level)
Husband/Wife Name is not Known
Education N/A
Age 30+
Parents Peter Cummins (Father), Maria Cummins (Mother, Deceased)
Siblings Pat Cummins, Matt Cummins, Laura Cummins, Kara Cummins
Children N/A
Net Worth <$1 Million

The Cummins Family

The Cummins family is a close-knit one, hailing from Westmead, Australia. Tim is one of Pat Cummins’ four siblings, along with two sisters, Laura and Kara, and another brother, Matt.
Maria Cummins
Maria Cummins

Cricket Connection

Cricket runs deep in the Cummins family’s veins. While Pat Cummins has risen to international fame as a star of the Australian cricket team, Tim has also pursued his passion for the sport. He has played cricket at the local level, representing Penrith in New South Wales.
Peter Cummins
Peter Cummins

A Century to Remember

One of Tim Cummins’ standout moments in cricket came in November 2020 when he achieved a remarkable milestone. He scored a century for Sydney University in Sydney Premier Cricket. This remarkable feat caught the attention of his brother Pat Cummins, who was in quarantine at the time. Pat sent a heartfelt congratulatory message to Tim, acknowledging his brother’s cricketing achievement.
Pat Cummins sister Kara Cummins
Pat Cummins sister Kara Cummins

Supporting Pat

Tim Cummins, like the rest of the Cummins family, has been a steadfast supporter of Pat throughout his cricketing journey. They have been a source of unwavering support, attending Pat’s matches whenever possible. This family bond has played a crucial role in Pat’s success.
Pat Cummins with sister Laura Cummins
Pat Cummins with sister Laura Cummins

Personal Life

While Tim’s cricketing career may not have reached the same heights as Pat’s, he has found success in other aspects of his life. Tim has a family of his own, cherishing the joys of parenthood with his wife.

The Cummins Legacy

The Cummins family’s story is a testament to the power of family bonds and shared passions. While Pat Cummins has become a cricketing sensation, Tim Cummins and the rest of the family have played a pivotal role in shaping Pat’s journey.

Celebrating Achievements

While Tim Cummins may not be a cricketing superstar, his century in Sydney Premier Cricket is a reminder of the talent that runs in the family. It’s a symbol of dedication, hard work, and the love of cricket that binds the Cummins brothers.

Remembering Maria Cummins

The Cummins family has had its share of ups and downs. Maria Cummins, Pat, Tim, and their brothers’ mother, died of breast cancer in March 2023. It was a terrible loss for them. This tragedy made everyone in the family very sad, and it showed how important it is to have family support during hard times.

FAQs About Tim Cummins

Who is Tim Cummins?
Tim Cummins is the brother of Australian cricketer Pat Cummins. While not as widely known as his brother, he has also been involved in cricket.
What is Tim Cummins known for in cricket?
Tim Cummins gained attention in November 2020 when he scored a century for Sydney University in Sydney Premier Cricket, earning recognition for his cricketing talent.
How many siblings does Tim Cummins have?
Tim Cummins has four siblings: two sisters named Laura and Kara, and two brothers named Matt and Pat, the latter being the renowned Australian cricketer.
What role does Tim Cummins play in supporting Pat Cummins’ cricket career?
Tim Cummins, like the rest of the Cummins family, has been a dedicated supporter of Pat Cummins throughout his cricketing journey. They attend Pat’s matches whenever possible, providing unwavering support.
Is Tim Cummins married and does he have children?
Yes, Tim Cummins is married. Unfortunately, the provided information does not specify if he has children.
How has Tim Cummins been affected by the passing of his mother, Maria Cummins, in March 2023?
The passing of Maria Cummins due to breast cancer in March 2023 was a deeply emotional and challenging moment for Tim Cummins and the entire Cummins family. It marked a significant loss for them.

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